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Downtown Crossing Reimagined

As we've written in our past articles, Downtown Boston is experiencing a resurgence in developments and improvements. As tall high-rise buildings and highbrow hotels are slowly but surely inching their way into the district, improvements on the streetscape are also on the way, with the rehabilitation of Downtown Crossing's commercial and [...]

A Tale of South End Transformation

Many people associate the South End with its beautiful brownstone buildings and picturesque streets. In fact, you could even say that the district is one of the most lively neighborhoods in America. To add a little mix to this distinction, upscale property developer Normandy Partners is teaming up with Gerding Edlen to jointly develop 275 [...]

Advantages of Off-Season House Hunting

So you've saved up your down payment, and mortgage rates are about as low as you think they'll go, and you're ready to start home shopping, but it's December - and everyone's telling you that you've missed the homebuying window for the year. Is that really true? Perhaps, and perhaps not. What are the pros and cons of buying a home while most [...]

Holiday House Tours In Massachusetts

If you're looking for something to do but not freeze out during this already-wintery start of the month, look no further. We've assembled a list of New England holiday house tours, open for everyone's enjoyment and exploration, all while in the comfort of being indoors. And whether you're just an open house enthusiast, or would just like to [...]

Downtown Boston's Resurgence

It looks like downtown Boston is finally headed for a much-needed (and much promised) revitalization of the area with hi-rise buildings and developments well under way. One could say that a lot of city dwellers have given up hope for the city's central commercial spot, as plans for the huge hole left by the departure and demolition of the [...]

Fenway Facelift Under Way

It seems that developer Steve Samuels and his group has a lot to be thankful for this year, with work on their proposed mixed-use commercial and residential complex starting to take shape. The planned $325M Fenway Triangle project, strategically located by within the bounds of Brookline Ave, Yawkey Way, and Boylston Street, was approved by [...]

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