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Our favorite eateries on wheels

One of the newest fads to hit the Boston food scene is food trucks. We're not talking about your standard falafel truck parked outside your favorite nighttime hangout- take a look around while strolling the city streets this summer and you're sure to spot one of many gourmet food trucks on the road. For a cheaper (and tastier) alternative to [...]

Our favorite places around town to grab a drink outdoors

It's 6pm, you've had a long day at work and you are ready to let loose. What better way to celebrate the end of a stressful work- day than to grab a drink or two with a few co-workers or friends? After a long day, cooped up inside an office, who wants to sit inside? Keep in mind you'll have to order a bite to eat to accompany whatever it is [...]

BIRE and The Realmadrid Foundation join forces

Three members of our BIRE team, David Paez, Alfonso Bigeriego and Antonio Revilla, spent last weekend in Houston joining

forces with Iker Casillas, goalkeeper of the Spanish national soccer team. They invited over 100 children from surrounding Houston neighborhoods to a "soccer clinic" kick off for Casillas' Sports and Achievement Academy. [...]

$1 Oyster Specials around Boston

Here at BIRE, we love a good raw bar. While oysters prove to be some of the tastiest delicacies salt water has to offer, leaving a restaurant with your tummy full could easily do a number on your wallet. Thankfully, there's a number of restaurants around Boston that offer $1 oyster specials, so even on a college student's budget, you'll be [...]

Just another eerie church? Nope.

"In 100 feet you will reach your destination." Imagine picking up a date for the first time and your car's navigation leads you right outside a church. Some of you might turn right around, but no, contrary to what you think, you're not about to star in the next Stephen King thriller. Quiet the contrary, your date could be living in one of [...]

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