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Is the Rental Lifestyle Really On The Rise?

If you have been hovering on the thought of buying your own home, then chances are you're also wondering whether it's really a wise choice, and more importantly, if it's really better than just renting for the rest of your life. It seems this is the quintessential question in 1 out of 4 individuals today. Homebuying, it seems, is no longer [...]

Being Homesmart During a Hurricane

With the onslaught of historic Hurricane Sandy set to make waves today, preparations should already have been done, and you're comfortably settled in at home waiting the weather out. But even then, being homesmart is essential to make sure that the impact of the storm is minimal to you and your possessions. And with record-high winds and [...]

Spooky Spots In and Around Boston

If you're one to celebrate All Hallow's Eve (aka Halloween), then this list is for you. Boston and the rest of the Bay State is known to have haunted locations all over, given its abundance of antiquated buildings, and richness in history as the state is one of America's oldest settlements. Beantown's cobblestones, which date back as far as [...]

Spending Saturday on the South End

If you're still unsure of your plans for the weekend, The South End Historic Society is having its 44th South End House Tours on Saturday, October 20. The event offers participants a unique glimpse into the private homes of Bostonians residing in this sophisticated neighborhood. Most people living in the city are fans of the South End, as [...]

Tips for Choosing Neighborhoods

One of the nicest things about relocating is that you get to start anew, regardless of where you're moving to. Whether you need more living space, a change of scenery, or even for employment - relocating is often always an exciting act to endure. If you're one of those grasping the idea of moving to a new home in the foreseeable future, one [...]

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