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Go For Gold: When Listings Fetch Above Asking

It's official: Boston is now a seller's market. With the number of listings at an all-time low, numbers from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) show that buyers are now battling for fewer homes in the Bay state, particularly in Downtown Boston and its neighboring suburbs. More importantly however, multiple offers and bids are being made to [...]

Sprucing Up For Springtime

The snow outside might have made you overlook it, but yesterday was officially the start of springtime. But before you make your vacation plans and do-it-yourself projects, it might be a good idea to start small. And when we say small, we mean within walking distance small. Spring is the best time to prep yourself [...]

Riding The Real Estate Wave With The Young

Selling your home can be challenging. Selling your older, dated, and historic home is even more challenging. But if you live in a city (or a state, for that matter), that's as old as the founding of the country, you're bound to have an exposure to these old-er and "antiquated" abodes - in fact, chances are, you own one of them. You might [...]

Preparing For Spring Selling Season

As we mentioned the other day, conditions are looking pretty rosy for homeowners who want to sell. That, of course, hints that things must be good for buyers, too since they have more options to choose from. In fact, we've been getting a lot of inquiries into different types of real estate available out there, implying that more and more [...]

What Do Home Sellers Need To Disclose?

A lot has been said about the dwindling inventory of available properties in Boston. Just this week, Millennium Place in Downtown Crossing announced that they are already halfway sold out, after only marketing the fast-rising luxury high-rise for barely six months; and this won't be the first you'll hear of upcoming developments selling out [...]

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