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April Sets Stage For Summer Sales

Against a backdrop of limited listings, Massachusetts saw double digit growth in the median price of single-family homes in April. In total, the state's median single-family home price was pegged at $313,000, reflecting a near 14 percent increase compared to the same period of last year.  Buyer demand and a tight housing inventory pushed up [...]

New Listings On The Rise

There's been a lot of speculation where the local real estate market is headed this year. Some industry experts believe that 2013 will be the banner year for Boston's comeback, as property prices have been booming since the second half of 2012. Some say that it'll take time before the market ultimately "heals", hinging the recovery on the [...]

Green District To See More Growth This Year

There's a new area being developed in Allston - and no, it's not just for students. The "Green District" is an eco-friendly residential area near the Griggs Streets MBTA stop in Allston that's being developed by Mount Vernon Co. The area is planned out such that residents are ensured that they have full control of their utlities and avoid [...]

Questions Renters Forget To Ask

With more people renting than buying, and occupancy rates continue to escalate, being an apartment hunter in the Boston rental market is no easy task - especially if you're battling with students who come in droves almost every quarter. In fact, the rental occupancy rate in the city was a whopping 85% last year, the highest it's been in four [...]

Best and Worst In Real Estate Investment

There's been an awful lot of signs that suggest now is the right time to invest in real estate once again. And as any prudent investor would know, it's hard to turn a blind eye to opportunities, especially if they're right in front of you. Yet, as any experienced real estate investor will tell you, not all investment properties are created [...]

Scoring Top Dollar for Your Home Sale

Times have indeed changed. Yesterday, we brought you the good news that Massachusetts set a nine-year home sales record - a feat that is a clear indication of the the real estate market's comeback. But, despite this piece of praise-worthy accomplishment, there are still properties out there that buyers find difficult to deal with. Why? [...]

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