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Boston Properties Jumped Forward In June

Though June wasn't exactly kind on the city's heat index, the first month of the summer real estate season greeted Boston with a great start. Home sales continued to spiral upwards, giving hope to home owners who are contemplating putting their properties on the market. Median prices across the state were significantly higher too, blanketing [...]

Real Estate Scams and How To Avoid Them

We all know that the real estate market is red hot right now with investors, first-time homeowners, and property patrons flocking in to take hold of the opportunities being presented to them. Consumers are racing to outbid each other and close deals in a rate that hasn't been seen since the most 2007. But amidst the sunny outlook and the [...]

Best City for Backyard BBQ and Millennials

Memorial Day, and in some states, July of 4th weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and the start of grilling season. Across the nation people will dust off their grill and invite their neighbors over for a good old-fashioned backyard barbecue. While many cities are known for their barbecue restaurants, chances are this weekend [...]

Nantucket Life Without The Nauseating Pricetag

Nowadays, saying that Boston's home buying market is packing some heat is an extreme understatement. Whichever way you look, prices are up, inventories are low, and sales are closing well above asking. Investors, as well as first-time homebuyers, are snapping up properties that are ideal for long-term investments and excellent for young [...]

The Seven Year Mark & Soaring Prices

They say that couples who stay together for a good seven years are bound to enjoy each other's company forever. In real estate, seven years also marks a significant turn in relationships - both with buyers, sellers, developers, and brokers, as the economics of the industry is largely hinged on a cyclic pattern. Specifically, property markets [...]

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