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Un paseo por el Sendero de la Libertad o el "Freedom Trail"


Existen domingos en los cuales los planes interesantes escasean, pues está nada más que de paso en la ciudad o no encuentra la aventura perfecta para disfrutar con su familia. Así que pone un par de rebanadas de pan dentro del tostador y se aferra a la televisión esperando encontrar algún canal que le suscite algo de emoción. Al no emitir [...]

Smart and Simple Rules For Splitting Rent

If you're like most Bostonians, you're probably all laid out in that new apartment that found during summer. Your boxes are almost all unpacked, and you've settled in quite nicely at your new place. You've also probably drilled down the basic house rules of your apartment for everyone to break. And of course, like many of Bostonians, you've [...]

The Still Curious Case of Buy vs Rent

While the housing market has shown signs of overheating in recent months, it is still considerably cheaper to buy a house than it is to rent one in Greater Boston. This comes despite the Standard and Poor's Case/Shiller Home Index Report stating that nationally, home prices have increased 12.1% from a year ago, and locally in the Greater [...]

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It's that time of year when families consider moving to get their children into a good school district. Folks over at realtor.com recently conducted a back-to-school survey to see how much weight schools have in the home-buying decision. The results show that school-district boundaries do impact the buying decision for more than 60 percent [...]

Summing Up Housing's Summer Season

Despite what the weatherman may say, summer season has official come to a close - for the housing market, that is. Move in day has come and pass, with thousands of students, professionals, locals, and internationals turning the key to their newly- owned or rented properties last September 1st. And though there are still those who are still [...]

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