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More Than A Thousand Residential Units On The Rise

Boston's streets might be getting cold, but the real estate in the city is still sizzling hot. This comes as the Boston Redevelopment Authority has approved more projects in the past week. In total, the projects the BRA gave the green light to will add an additional 850 units in the city's key neighborhoods. Another highlight to last week's [...]

Construyendo la casa de sus sueƱos.

Una mudanza o un cambio de destino conlleva muchas más cosas que coger un avión, un tren o un coche y plantarse en la ciudad de la noche a la mañana para comenzar con su nueva vida.  Cuando por fin se declina por la casa o el apartamento de sus sueños a veces resulta un poco depresivo entrar a vivir y que  lo único que haya en su interior [...]

Massachusetts Set Record Highs Once More

As if the Sox making it to the World Series and winning Game 1 isn't enough good news, it seems that Massachusetts is enjoying even more positive vibes, as more single-family homes were sold in the state and the city last month than in any September in the past eight years.

Driven by still-low interest rates and more a swelling number of [...]

Are Over Asking Prices Over?

As fall season continues on, it seems that temperatures aren't the only ones getting lower.  Shares of over-ask offers in nine key Boston condo markets dropped to almost 50 percent - 47 percent to be exact - of sales in September, down from around 53 percent in August and 55.9 percent in July. Also, only 25 condo sellers in these markets [...]

The Sweet Spot for Move-up Buyers

The peak home-selling season may have ended, but there some buyers are just getting started: those looking to sell their home and trade up for a bigger one, most likely outside the city. That then leads you to wonder: Is now a good time for these buyers to start their search? And what does this uptick in move-up buyers mean for the [...]

The Recovery & Affordability: Riding The Wave with Reduced Risk

Many have deemed 2013 the year that they will finally make the move - both literally and figuratively. The past summer selling season was a clear indication of this trend: more people bought property this year than any other year in the past seven years; proof that the housing has indeed come roaring back. And now that the seasons have [...]

Boston y su tiempo: un buen clima una buena estancia.

El tiempo de Boston a veces puede ser una traba tanto para el turista que decide venir a pasar unos días como para el propio residente de la ciudad. El clima puede cambiar en décimas de segundo, es por ello que existe un dicho común entre los habitantes de esta metrópoli que dice: "si no te gusta el tiempo de Boston, espera un [...]

Landlord's Guide To Rental Etiquette

We all know that not all properties are created equal - some are big, some are small, some are miniscule. There are some that are idyllic and perfect, but comes with a few hitches: the landlord being one of them. Some say that dealing with landlords is even more stressful than dealing with the shortcomings of their dwelling space. So, if [...]

A Dive Into New Developments

It's no secret that Boston has been enjoying the recent real estate boom. Just this past summer buying and selling season, the city has hit highs it hasn't seen since 2005. In fact, you might say it's been a crazy roller coaster ride ever since the market picked back up at the tail end - particularly the last half of 2012; and with that went the [...]

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