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¿Qué es en realidad el día de Acción de Gracias?

Probablemente durante estos últimos días alguien le ha preguntado si saldrá de vacaciones por acción de gracias o que planes tiene para esta fecha. Mañana se celebra uno de los días favoritos de Estados Unidos, el Día de Acción de Gracias. Si todavía no conocen muy bien las costumbres americanas se imaginarán a una familia alrededor de una [...]

Thankful To Be A Homeowner or Property Renter?

It's Thanksgiving week, and in the midst of all the family festivity planning and turkey day celebrations, your home is the most important - if not crucial - element in it all. It's where you'll be welcoming guests and serving those carefully-made meals. And regardless of whether you're hosting or attending, the home is central to holiday [...]

South End's Twin Tower Proposal

Up until recently, people who have been musing around the idea of living in the South End only had two choices: brownstones or converted units. However, like most neighborhoods in Boston nowadays, the district is experiencing a boom of developments, particularly ones that are brand new, giving a third option for those seeking solace in the [...]

South Boston's Slew of Residential Projects

With the city bustling with building projects, you would think that most of the outlying neighborhoods would be a 'quiet place' to live in. Well, they are relatively quiet, especially in the evenings when construction is at a temporary halt. One of these neighborhoods that's just continually rising to the occasion is none other than nearby


The Greenway's Newest Gem

There's a new darling in Downtown Boston, and it goes by the name of Radian. You might have heard of it before, just under a different name: 120 Kingston Street.

That's officially the address of the 26-story apartment tower in the convenient junction of Chinatown, the Financial District, the North End, and the Leather District. It is a [...]

One Bed or Two? A Must Read for Picky Property Hunters

Does it make more investment sense to buy a one bedroom unit or a two bedroom unit?  There's too much data and too many variables for an absolute answer.  But it's a question that's posed a lot.

Some investors focus on buying a unit with as many bedrooms and square footage as possible within their budget. They equate the 2nd bedroom - assuming it's a [...]

Third Quarter Condo Sales Continue Climb

Boston's red-hot downtown condominium market continued to sizzle as strong buyer demand and tight inventory combined to boost prices by 7.6 percent on a year-over-year basis.

From July through September, 1,153 condos were sold in the dozen downtown neighborhoods from the Back Bay to the West End, up nearly 11 percent from the same period [...]

Back Bay, Boston. Landmarked Neighborhood

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