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Saving For A Home: How Much Is Enough?

Are you on the prowl for your dream property? If you are, then you know that it's way too easy to get caught up in credit scores when considering a home purchase. But as banks and lenders continue to loosen requirements, the need to have money in the bank doesn't get any less serious. Getting prescriptive about how much you need in savings [...]

Boston Condos Nearing Same Values as Homes

It seems like it's not only you who feels the bitter chill that's still with us. Real estate investors, practitioners, and property hunters were also caught in the silent and still winterweather that froze most transactions in February, with single-family home sales dropping 4% that month. [...]

A Look At Back Bay's Newest: The Arlington

Like much of the country, much of the movement of renters happen during spring and summertime. This is especially the case for Boston, when students tends to flock in during the tail-end of summer, just in time for the beginning of fall semester. However, for those of you who've earned their degrees already and are searching for an upgrade [...]

10 Splendid Things To Do In Boston This Spring

Believe it or not, despite Boston's still-but-less-frigid temps, Spring seasons is officially (and finally) here. And if you've ever put some thought into moving to Boston, perhaps this season will convince you of how beautiful the city could be, minus the Nor'easters and polar wind chills. Spring is officially a time in the city for [...]

Boston's Best-selling Condo Buildings

In a day's time, Spring will officially be here. Hopefully, gone will be the days of single-digit polar vortex misery, and comes the sunnier and warmer days. It isn't very hard toimagine then, that the busiest time of the year for real estate - spring and summer selling season - is upon us. It's not coming in a week's nor a month's time - [...]

Do You Honestly Need A Rental Broker?

It's a given that finding the right apartment takes a lot of time and effort. In competitive markets like Boston's, it can be well worth the extra fee to work with a rental broker, who will help you navigate the ins and outs of the rental landscape. Sometimes that fee is even waived, depending on what your property search parameters are. [...]

Signs An Apartment Isn't Right For You

Finding an apartment to rent in Boston has become increasingly competitive as more and more people move into the city, and occupy temporary housing. As a result, today's apartment hunters may find themselves with a limited supply of rentals and a higher price tag for those that are [...]

Guia De Alquileres Para Internacionales

Cuando viene de un país extranjero a veces puede ser difícil e incluso desalentador encontrar el apartamento que se amolde a sus necesidades. Si ya de por si solo estar lejos de su lugar de origen es difícil, en BIRE sabemos que sentirse incómodo en su día a día puede ser horrible.  Por eso nos gustaría ayudarle a realizar la búsqueda de [...]

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