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7 Most Common Obstacles To A Sale And How To Overcome Them

Think an accepted offer means you're all set to buy or sell that apartment of yours? Not always.

In the continuously bulging state of Boston's real estate comeback, the road from accepted bid to signing on the dotted line can be full of hairpin turns.  While most experts say that the vast majority of accepted bids lead to sales, deals can - [...]

10 One Bedroom Downtown Rentals Below $2,000

We all know that the Downtown Boston rental market is red hot right now. In fact, listings are flying off the shelves as we get deeper into the summer real estate rental season. Just this week alone, there have been close to 100 units that has already gone off market - and we're just talking about the 4 Central Downtown neighborhoods of [...]

A Brief Preview of Soon To Come Skyscraper City


fourseasons1The heat is on! And we're not just talking about temperatures, as Boston's skyscraper boom is getting even hotter than ever before. Just take a look at these projects that are slated to either be approved, completed, or delivered within the next three to five years. Consider, too, that this is just the tip of the iceberg as farther-known "secret" projects in East Boston, South Boston, and Somerville are set to be announced before this year ends.

Let's take a dive of what we know to be in the property pipeline:

We've known for a while now that the Christian Science Plaza Tower would likely become the tallest skyscraper project in town, but its only recently that we've gotten more details of the project. For instance, the total height of the building has been under wraps until The Boston Globe revealed that it'll be less than a foot short of 700 feet - coming in first place as the tallest residential tower in town. Overall though, the tower will only be the third-tallest in the city, coming in behind commercial towers Prudential and the Hancock building.

IMG-Millennium BOS4Just to rehash, the Christian Science Plaza tower is a $700 million development by Carpenter & Co and is designed by renowned architect Henry Cobb. It's set to have its first 20 floors of first-class hotel accommodations, with 211 lavish rooms for guests to lazy around in.  The rest of its 60 stories will be dedicated condos, all-in-all totaling to 180 units, all of which will be managed by Four Seasons. Talk about a high-end high-rise!

Next up is the hotly-anticipated 625-foot Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing. With that planned height, the tower is most likely come in at 4th place overall compared to other Boston skyscrapers, and second tallest for purely residential buildings. Its 56 stories will have a combined retail, commercial, and residential space, with 450 luxury condo units in total. It comes in the heels of the successful sale of Millennium Place, also in the same district.

nov-6-iag-presentation-8 600-thumbNot to be outdone, the northern most tip of the city also has a jewel being built. The TD Garden's upcoming renovation and rise-up construction will prove to be another high-point (literally) in the city's chest of towers. With an elevated forest full of spires, the 600-foot, 45-story residential building will have 500 units on top of the building's arena.

Last but not the least, the long-delayed Copley Place Tower looks to be finally on its way. The project got its final nod last fall, adding 52 stories to the current 4 floor Copley Place complex. It's slated to rise, in total, 625 feet above street level, and will include 433 apartments, and 109 cndos for sale. As it stands now, it will also have a retail ground floor component to complement the mall within it.

backbay2On the subject of all things Copley, it looks like the Back Bay Station is finally getting a complete makeover - and from the same people that'll bring the TD Garden up to date, too! Yes, that means that just like TD Garden's vertical expansion, it looks like Back Bay Station is getting one, too! Details of the development aren't exactly out yet, but sources say that it'll be composed of two towers, one of which is rumored to be a high-rise matching nearby Copley Place and complementing the Hancock tower. We'll definitely keep our eye and ears out for more info on that!


The Truth About "Cheap" Rents in Boston

It's common knowledge that Boston is an expensive city to live in - rental rates haven't exactly been rosy for apartment hunters, nor has the inventory been kind to many who are looking. And with the peak real estate summer months rolling by, there's an upsurge yet again of individuals who are looking for housing in the already-congested [...]

You Know You're Ready To Sell Your Home When...

If you read our article last Wednesday, you're probably in the know that Boston currently ranks at No. 10 in TIME Magazine's list of the Top Cities in the U.S. for real estate. Specifically, Boston bests other key metropolitan cities in terms of the number of days it takes for a property to be taken off-market. Currently, the average DOM [...]

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Sometimes, it's just really clear that you need to move. Whether it's because you're transplanting to a new city, or you've gotten a new job, or the unthinkable happens and you're unexpectedly laid off may prompt you to look for a more affordable apartment - relocation is often rooted in one cause or another. But there are also those [...]

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