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A Bolder, Bigger, and Better Boston In 2015

First, A Look Back If you're anything like us, then you're probably pondering the same thing: what does 2015 have in store for Boston's housing market? Well, nine years after housing bubble peaked, and three years after home prices bottomed, the boom has come strikingly back to town - though of course, in an all too humble [...]

Boston Properties Now Worth Over A Hundred Billion

Boston is now officially a $100 billion city - that's right, one hundred billion. And if you want to be more precise about it, it's actually $110 Billion. The price tag comes after the city's assessment of all residential and commercial properties within the bounds of Boston's city line. To give you an idea of how impactful and historic this [...]

Should You Put Off Listing Your Home Til Spring?

As the holiday seasons gets well on the way, there are numerous reasons why you, as a property owner, might not be thinking of cashing in on your investment right now - winter weather, timing in general, and time as a whole being the top-most reasons. If you are on that boat, then rest well that you're not alone. In fact, Thanksgiving Day [...]

Rounding Up 2014: Boston's Development Digits

As the year is fast approaching its end, we're counting down the numbers that has made up the year that was for Boston's real estate scene. And though there might still be some days left in twenty fourteen, it's safe to assume that the year will close on a better note than it did in twenty thirteen. For instance, 2014 saw another burst in [...]

Advantages of Off-Season House Hunting

So you've saved up your down payment, and mortgage rates are about as low as you think they'll go, and you're ready to start home shopping, but it's December - and everyone's telling you that you've missed the homebuying window for the year. Is that really true? Perhaps, and perhaps not. What are the pros and cons of buying a home while most [...]

A Seller's Guide To Hosting Holiday Open Houses

The holidays already come with plenty of hospitality hassles, between hosting out-of-town relatives, figuring out how much to tip the building staff and mail men, and picking appropriate gifts for your office Secret Santa. If you're selling your apartment, is it really worth enduring a gauntlet of open houses in a season where sales tend to [...]

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