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What Home Buyers Wished They Had Done Differently

Ever had that feeling of remorse? That lingering notion that you shouldn't have done something that you just did. It's most apparent after buying something that you actually did not want or worse, did not need. If it has indeed happened to you (and we both know it has), then you know that that feeling sucks. In fact, "sucks" might just be an [...]

Boston's Best Off the Beaten Path Parks By Neighborhood

If you're one of those who are still trying to get in tip top shape before the big day, check out our list of parks and paths across the city that's sure to liven up your day and prep you for Monday. And aside from the providing a path for your exercise, these parks also serve as refuge to those who might just need a little space away from [...]

A Mega Project Is Brewing at South Boston's Waterfront

Two of China's giant insurance companies are heavily investing in the ambitious Pier 4 development along the banks of South Boston's Waterfront. China Life and Ping An are joining New York real estate company Tishman Speyer as co-investors in the soon to be built Boston destination. The consortium plans to build a 13-story, [...]

It Pays To Be Informed: 10 Tax Tips for Home Sellers

Twenty fourteen proved to be a great year for real estate. Sellers gaining momentum in the market finally upsurged, and with that the real estate industry is once again on its top game (locally, at least). Some, after a long and agonizing delay, have opted to take part and ride the rising real estate wave, buying into investment properties [...]

How Boston Rental Rates Have Evolved Through The Decades

If you've lived in Boston at any point in your life, you know that the city is known for a great many things: being a title town for its many sporting accomplishments; its highly-regarded position as the country's most walkable collegetown which supports some of the world's best hospitals; the uneven and oftentimes tumultuous weather [...]

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