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How Boston Rental Rates Have Evolved Through The Decades

If you've lived in Boston at any point in your life, you know that the city is known for a great many things: being a title town for its many sporting accomplishments; its highly-regarded position as the country's most walkable collegetown which supports some of the world's best hospitals; the uneven and oftentimes tumultuous weather [...]

Your Going Out Guide For The Rest of The Week

It's finally feeling like Spring in the city - sun's out, temperatures are cool but not freezing, and the snowy sidewalks have finally been freed up. And, if you're like any other Bostonian, you're probably looking forward to coming out of hibernation. So, aside from your house hunting and open house duties this week, here's a non-sucky [...]

Property Primer: What to Expect During the Home Selling Process

As spring selling season officials starts tomorrow, more and more homeowners are contemplating putting their properties on the market, only rightly so since the current inventory conditions make it the optimum time to list. For those who are already savvy with flipping investments and selling at a profit, listing is a process that's a no [...]

What You Can Get For $600K In Downtown Boston Right Now

With yesterday's surprising news of the surge in pending home sales that greeted sellers in February in spite of its ultra-snowy days, it's only fitting that we in turn present to you potential buyers the best buys in Boston under $600K, all of which are available for you to visit this weekend, sans the snowy streets of [...]

Why You Shouldn't Always Pick The Highest Bidder

Selling your property soon? Good. Inventory in Boston needs some desperate replenishing.  Even if more listings are cropping up as the spring selling season approaches, it's still a seller's market, and therefore entirely possible you'll get multiple offers on your apartment. But oftentimes, the highest bid isn't your best pick, especially [...]

Priced To Sell: A Guide To Setting Your Listing Price

As spring descends into our snow-ladden city, more and more homeowners are contemplating continuing with their home sales - listing them as soon as the sunnier days settle in, in the hopes of catching the wave of buyers who will be waking up from hibernation. That said, if you're one of the hundreds who are looking to cash in on your [...]

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