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Construyendo la casa de sus sueƱos.

Una mudanza o un cambio de destino conlleva muchas más cosas que coger un avión, un tren o un coche y plantarse en la ciudad de la noche a la mañana para comenzar con su nueva vida.  Cuando por fin se declina por la casa o el apartamento de sus sueños a veces resulta un poco depresivo entrar a vivir y que  lo único que haya en su interior [...]

Practical Renovations for Investment Properties

Regardless of whether you just bought your first rental property or just considering becoming a landlord, you're probably wondering which home improvements make the most sense when updating your investment property. Should you replace the windows or flooring? What about painting the walls and upgrading fixtures and finishes in [...]

Sprucing Up For Springtime

The snow outside might have made you overlook it, but yesterday was officially the start of springtime. But before you make your vacation plans and do-it-yourself projects, it might be a good idea to start small. And when we say small, we mean within walking distance small. Spring is the best time to prep yourself [...]

Riding The Real Estate Wave With The Young

Selling your home can be challenging. Selling your older, dated, and historic home is even more challenging. But if you live in a city (or a state, for that matter), that's as old as the founding of the country, you're bound to have an exposure to these old-er and "antiquated" abodes - in fact, chances are, you own one of them. You might [...]

Back Bay, Boston. Landmarked Neighborhood

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