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Boston's Favorite Christmas Homes

By now, as the holiday rush winds down and Christmas draws closer, you probably are in need of some de-stressing. What better way to get away from all of the season's stresses and still have some quality time with your family or friends than to take a look around the city for some wonderfully decorated holiday homes. Perhaps take some [...]

Construyendo la casa de sus sueƱos.

Una mudanza o un cambio de destino conlleva muchas más cosas que coger un avión, un tren o un coche y plantarse en la ciudad de la noche a la mañana para comenzar con su nueva vida.  Cuando por fin se declina por la casa o el apartamento de sus sueños a veces resulta un poco depresivo entrar a vivir y que  lo único que haya en su interior [...]

Sprucing Up For Springtime

The snow outside might have made you overlook it, but yesterday was officially the start of springtime. But before you make your vacation plans and do-it-yourself projects, it might be a good idea to start small. And when we say small, we mean within walking distance small. Spring is the best time to prep yourself [...]

Protect Your Home From Snowstorms

As we all know by now, a "potential historic winter storm" heading our way could make travel nearly impossible and dump up to 2 feet of snow to our region starting tomorrow morning until Saturday. This comes after having not see any significant snow fall in the past two years. The snowstorm is expected to start Friday morning, with the [...]

Keeping Your Home Healthy This Winter

Though Boston has already hopefully seen the spike of the flu outbreak, it is still a good idea to keep your home healthy this winter given that the season is still far from over; the air outside is dry and cold, perfect for spreading germs and virus.  And even if you constantly wash your hands and keep everything sanitized and safe, you [...]

October Home Checklist

As made obvious by the browning leaves and slight bite in the wind, fall is officially upon us - in fact, October is its first full month. And with onset of the cold months and dwindling daylight, most of your winter-proofing should be done by the end of the month to avoid cramming for the frosty months ahead. Here are a couple of things you [...]

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