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      Moving To Boston

      Winter health tips for a comfortable winter in Boston
















      So far, this year the winter in Boston and most of the New England area has not shown its true usual colors. Weather patterns have fluctuated between moderate to cold temperatures, with slight chill factors followed by unusual heat waves, resulting in the constant misleading sensation of uprising spring rather than that of winter in the air. Not to worry, if you are a fan of winter weather or more of the spring type here are selected tips that got you covered and point you in a healthier and safer exercising direction.

       It is fine to exercise in the cold as long as you take certain precautions to avoid hypothermia.

      Insulating Layers

      Insulating yourself against the wind and other elements is key, to create a much necessary barrier. The obvious advantage is the removal of the outer layer in case of increased body temperature. It is recommended that the first layer is made of synthetic/polyester material which dries quicker and will keep moisture away. The second layer material should preferably be made of wool and the outermost layer should be light weight water/wind/snow repellent jumper or sport jacket.  

      Hat and Gloves

      About half of your body heat is lost from an uncovered head when temperatures are below freezing. Wearing a hat will help your body retain heat and functionality Gloves will help prevent skin damage and frostbite in sub-zero temperatures and further provide constant blood flow to the rest of the body.

      Face Protection

      Protect the skin on your face by covering it up with a scarf or a mask and further allowing warm frigid air to enter before you inhale, thus helping the protection of your lungs.

      Current Weather Forecast Check Up

      Check the air temperature and wind chill factor before exercising outside.  There is  little risk when exercising in 20° Fahrenheit, even with 30 miles per hour winds, but that dangers exist when the combined temperature and wind-chill falls below -20°F, which can happen occasionally in Boston.

      The most accurate and current weather forecasts can be accessed through the help of these four websites:


      Best all around user friendliness.


      Best specialty forecasts.


      Best local forecast.


      Cleanest display of features.








      America's Two Most Exciting Suburbs Are In Boston

      Generally, the words "exciting" and "suburb" are never uttered in the same breath. In fact, if you look at recent pop culture-particularly coming out of the 1980s-suburbs are set up to play the proverbial second fiddle to their bigger brethren. They're shining beacons of the boring life, where the biggest thrills include mowing lawns on the weekend and picking the kids up from school on time.

      Only that's no longer totally true.

      Though most Bostonians already know this, the city's life doesn't depend solely on the the streets of the City of Boston alone. Though there are tons and tons of developments happening right now within the great expanse of neighborhoods that compromise Boston - there are, more so, developments happening around downtown itself. In fact, if you were to look Boston as a whole, you might find that the city sleeps well within the hours of its operation, and come to the conclusion that nearby suburbs offer more to do at night than the city itself.

      That indeed seems to be the case, as a leading real estate website has just named Cambridge and Quincy as America's most happening 'burbs across all states of the country. The two 'burbs are also the only places in the Northeast that made it to the Top 10 list by Movoto. Here's the complete ten rounded down:

      1. Cambridge, MA 2. Quincy, MA 3. Berkeley, CA 4. Miami Beach, FL 5. Santa Monica, CA 6. Lakewood, OH 7. Jacksonville Beach, FL 8. Tempe, AZ 9. Santa Clara, CA 10. Evanston, IL


      There were several factors that led to the pronouncement of Cambridge and Quincy on top. These criteria are deemed necessary in order to provide a lifestyle that does not restrict residents to home entertainment alone. In other words, each suburb in the US were subjected to a rigorous "lifestyle check" that provides options and opportunities to still live a city life, without necessarily being in the "hottest" zip codes. In particular, these criteria of factors narrowed down the results, closely considering other conveniences offered in cities near them:

      • Nightlife per capita (bars, clubs, comedy, etc.)
      • Live music venues per capita
      • Active life options per capita (parks, outdoor activities, etc.)
      • Fast Food restaurants per capita (the fewer the better)
      • Percentage of restaurants that are fast food (the lower the better)

      What Makes Cambridge So Cool?

      When most people think of Cambridge, they either a) picture classrooms full of students at Harvard and M.I.T. with their noses buried in books, or b) say "Hey, isn't that in England?" From now on, when we think of this Boston suburb, we're going to think "excitement."

      True, a big part of Cambridge's success in this ranking has to do with the fact that it's home to not one, but two top-tier universities. Its population of 18- to 34-year-olds is, as a direct result, a whopping 49 percent, easily clinching a 1st place win for the city in this criterion by nearly 6 percentage points. Cambridge was also in the top 10 overall for active life options, live music, and nightlife.

      Cambridge has one nightlife option for every 1,002 residents, and when they're spots like The Druid and The Comedy Studio, that figure gets even more exciting. The city also ranked in the top 10 for its low percentage of fast food restaurants compared to all dining options. This means your tastebuds will be subjected to fewer McDonalds and exposed to more A-grade eateries like Hungry Mother and Craigie On Main.

      What about quintessential Quincy?

      Excitement clearly runs in the Boston area family. Located not half an hour from our No. 1 most exciting suburb, Quincy is nevertheless far enough away that it has its own unique scene. It's one that, for instance, relies much less on a young population to get the fun times rolling, as its 13 to 34 crowd makes up a (much) smaller 27 percent of its populace.

      Despite the drop in our most exciting age group, there's still plenty to keep the days and nights hopping in Quincy. It placed fifth overall in terms of active options with spots like Olindy's standing out, and a respectable 25th for live music and nightlife. So, whether you want to belt out some questionably-in-key karaoke at Fuji 1546 or down a few pints at The Fours, you won't be wanting for evening activities. Plus, any town that has a restaurant called The Fat Cat among its huge 96 percent of non-chain dining spots gets a thumbs up from this feline-friendly blogging crew.

      So, if you're on the hunt for a new place that's close to Downtown Boston but gives you a better breathing room, you should definitely consider these two star suburbs that Metro Boston has to offer.

      The Case of Cold Weather, Hot Prices

      However true it is that the polar vortex has struck yet again, plunging the thermostat to deep freeze temperature levels once more, it seems that real estate has been resilient enough to thaw itself out just in time to prep for the spring season. And if that stands until summer, it would appear that this year will be yet again a banner year for home sales.


      Traditionally, December is seen as a 'dead zone' for the real estate cycle. This however, is no longer true. In fact, home prices in the Boston area have increased in value by 3.6 percent compared to November 2012, and an across-the-board  increase of 8 percent compared to December 2012. If that isn't a clear enough indication of what is come for properties in Greater Boston, then we don't know what is.

      The number of 'hot leads' have also increased in the month of December 2013 according to both Trulia and Zillow, up almost 30 percent from the same month in 2012. In other words, more and more people seem to be eyeing - or at least inquiring about the purchase of a property in the coming months. This perhaps is a right move to gear up for any huge jumps in home prices that will surely seep in starting May, just in time for the highly-anticipated June, July, August and September selling season.

      Despite all of this, there is also a key statistic to consider: the inventory of unsold homes dropped nearly 20 percent from November to December. And compared to 2012, December 2013's inventory of unsold homes is 30 percent less that of the previous year. Take that, winter! This is a very huge plunge, and a vote of confidence to sellers out there who are considering the sale of their properties.


      In a not-so sharp contrast with existing homes that sold and continue to steam roll through sales, December deals of new homes disappointed pundits and analysts alike. HOWEVER, before you blow out your horn about this, new home sales are still up from previous years. In particular, the total number of new homes sold for the year 2013 amounted to 428,000 - an increase of 16.4 percent compared to 2012, and is in fact the highest since 2008.

      December has traditionally always been a tough month for home sales in the Northeast, with frigid temperatures blocking house hunter's motivations. In total, new home sales fell by more than 36 percent compared with November of the same year. Our take on this: don't fret. Home builders aren't afraid of this, as builder confidence is at all time high, and in fact 84 percent of the 900 home builders surveyed nationwide say that 2014 will still be a good year.

      So, is it finally time to start the sales engine? We certainly think so.

      Off-Season Home Selling Secrets

      Boston, fog, winter, selling secrets, off-season sales

      It's been said that spring and early summer are the best times to sell your home. Competition among buyers can be fierce during these warm months and for whatever reason, the data has consistently shown that homes sell for more in spring and early summer. Maybe there's something psychological to warm weather that entices buyers or maybe it has something to do with the fact that families want to settle in before the school year starts in the fall.

      Either way, it's not always possible to choose when to put your home on the market, especially in a complex market such as Boston. But while spring might be the busiest time of the year for real estate transactions, homes get bought and sold every season of the year. Here are some tips of the trade for selling your home in the off-season winter months.

      Staging for Snow: In many parts of the country it gets cold and snowy during the winter. In Boston, climate is essential since snow is prevalent. This said, make sure that you stage the outside of your home accordingly. Shovel the driveways and be sure to clear ice away from walkways and doors. Buyers want to feel safe and comfortable when they're looking around. This also applies to multi-family homes, as well as converted and condo'ed out units.

      Just because your grass is brown or your house is covered in snow doesn't mean you can't stage it successfully. Try to highlight the house with tasteful winter-themed decorations that are aesthetically-pleasing. Houses for sale in the winter tend to show especially well when they're decorated. If the holidays have passed, make sure to also take away those decors, since it'll seem like you're stuck in time. Instead, replace holiday decorations with neutral winter-themed items.

      Remember than the purpose of putting up these decorations is to create a warm feeling for buyers. It might even help your house seem more attractive than it would be in the warmer months. Make sure that you choose tastefully, though, ones that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers.

      Leave the Lights On: Once daylight saving time ends, it can get dark pretty early. Consider putting your outdoor lights on a timer. That way, when prospective buyers show up, the house will look bright and cheery instead of dark and dreary.

      You can apply the same idea to the inside of your house too. Make sure that the heat is on before buyers arrive and that the place is clean, smells fresh and is warm. Just like with your last job interview, first impressions are everything. This is doubly so for real estate, so you really want to "wow" buyers when they pull up to your house and walk inside.

      Stand Out From the Competition: During the winter and cold months, there may not be as many buyers but there also aren't as many sellers. Often times, off-season buyers need to move quickly, whether due to job relocation or major life changes, so be ready for them.

      In order to make your property stand out, consider adding a video to your listing or creating a small website to showcase your home. Sometimes freebies don't hurt either. If you know there's going to be someone touring the place, it won't hurt to leave out treats for them to enjoy whilst going around your property. Remember that you want to stand out and be remembered in the end. The average buyer looks at 4 properties before they make a final decision. So it'll be good for you when you've made an excellent impression since you'll likely to stump out the competition, as long as the property meets the buyer's wish list. In fact, with the market right now, you can even end up getting more for your property if you're willing to go that extra mile.

      Double Digit Rally in November & Millennium's Milestone

      House Price Increase Growth Diagram Boston International Real Estate BostonIRE BIREWith the holidays over and the new year starting to roll out, it does well to think and reflect about the past year's performance. In particular, homes in Massachusetts continued their upward trend in November, climbing 10.4 percent year-over-year and beating out other key metro areas.

      Nationally, the Bay State didn't do quite as well, with the national average home price increase pegged at 11.8 percent in November year-over-year. Though the price increase is still bullish, November's upward trend wasn't enough to unseat the state's record high levels of October 2005, being 12.5 percent off figures from that month. And though national prices edged out the states' property price increase for the month of November, Massachusetts is still closer to its peak levels compared to the nation's, which is 17.6 percent below its peak in April of 2006.

      Compared to the five states registering the largest year-over-year home price appreciation in November included Nevada ( up 25.3 percent), California (21.3 percent), Michigan (14.34 percent), Arizona (13.5 percent) and Georgia (13.3 percent), Massachusetts' dilemma with its quantity and quality of inventory suggests that the price increase could have been greater if there were more listings to play with, as this would have spurred price wars hence tipping the scale towards the sellers. Compounded monthly and compared year-over-year, home prices in Massachusetts have appreciated every month in 2013, spurring a steady yet more humble growth outlook for 2014.

      In Other News: Millennium Place's Milestone

      It looks like Millennium Place's marketing machinery has done a good job selling its inventory of available units. The developers, who have been aggressively marketing its units, is about to approach a "sold out" status, only after a year's worth of pushing the plush residence's properties. This, after Millennium Place circulated emails yesterday, announcing that everyone's favorite Downtown Crossing condo complex was nearly sold out.

      Given that Millennium's marketing only launched its aggressive push officially in October 2013 (though pre-selling started in the Spring), this feat is a testament to the city's real estate comeback, especially in that part of the metro's map, giving confidence back to the once "forgotten" neighborhood and to nearby developers and investors alike.

      According to the Millennium's email yesterday, only five of the condo complex' 256 units remain for the taking, consisting of 2- and 3-BRs above the eighth floor. A quick search of the building's inventory shows that the most expensive unit is the 1,505-square-foot on the 14th floor, which currently is asking $1,505,000.

      Contact us now to get a glimpse of the available units, and take advantage of them while they last! Call (617) 505-1781 now.

      ¿Qué es en realidad el día de Acción de Gracias?

      Probablemente durante estos últimos días alguien le ha preguntado si saldrá de vacaciones por acción de gracias o que planes tiene para esta fecha. Mañana se celebra uno de los días favoritos de Estados Unidos, el Día de Acción de Gracias. Si todavía no conocen muy bien las costumbres americanas se imaginarán a una familia alrededor de una mesa comiendo pavo y celebrando este último jueves del mes de noviembre por todo lo alto. Sin embargo, pero la pregunta es: ¿De donde procede esta tradición?

      Esta fiesta se comenzó a celebrar con los primeros sucesos de la colonización inglesa durante el año 1620. Un grupo de conquistadores cristianos, conocido como los peregrinos,  viajó a America y desembarcaron en el mes de noviembre, casualmente aquí, en la costa de Massachussetts. Los colonos se propusieron como objetivo formar una colonia llamada la Colonia de Plymouth. Sin embargo, el terrible inviernos les pilló por sorpresa y estuvieron expuestos a unas temperaturas extremadamente bajas, ocasionando la muerte a más de la mitad de los peregrinos. Aquellos que lograron sobrevivir fue gracias a la ayuda y alimentos que los nativos de la zona, los indios Wampanoag, les proporcionaron.

      Asimismo, en el año 1621, después de que los peregrinos que lograron sobrevivir recogieran la cosecha que recolectaron durante el invierno, organizaron una gran cena e invitaron a los Wampanoag a que la disfrutaran con ellos. Desde entonces el gobernador de la colonia proclamó "un día de dar gracias al Señor para que podamos de una manera regocijarnos después de haber recogido el fruto de nuestro trabajo".

      La tradición como tal, sería establecida en el año 1789 con el presidente George Washington, festejando está celebración el último jueves del mes de noviembre. Fue él quien estableció el día oficial de la fiesta de Acción de Gracias. Años más tarde Abraham Lincoln sería el que declarase este día como fiesta nacional en Estados Unidos.


      Respecto con el menú, no se sabe muy bien de donde procede la costumbre del pavo. De hecho se cree que los indígenas llamaban "pavo" a todo tipo de animales. Es por ello, que con el paso del tiempo al final  el pavo se ha convertido en la comida clave del día de acción de gracias.

      ¿Quién dijo fiesta?

      Dicen que las noches inolvidables son aquellas donde los buenos amigos están presentes. Es por ello que una noche que empieza bien son las que comienzan con una cenita donde podréis charlar con vuestros colegas antes de ir a bailar.

      En Newbury Street existen una amplia variedad de restaurantes que ofrecen una cocina completamente diferente dependiendo de los gustos de cada individuo. Podréis encontrar desde las típicas hamburguesas americanas, hasta con meticulosas delicatesen como son los productos que ofrece Snappy Shusi, un restaurante japonés

      situado en el número 108 de la calle Newbury. Si preferís la comida de otro continente os podrías declinar por un italiano, Papa Razzi, situado en el numero 159 de Newbury Street, es una buena opción para conocer la cocina europea ydegustar sus sabores más placenteros.

      Una vez que hayáis terminado de cenar podéis ir a tomar una copa a diferentes lugares que os dejarán muy buen sabor de boca. Algunos de estos sitios son: Strega Waterfron, además de ofrecer otros servicios como el de sala de baile, cuenta con unos cocktails estupendos dirigidos a aquellas personas que les guste experimentar sabores explosivos. Por otro lado, Haru es un lugar que se especializa tan sólo en el servicio de cocktelería e incluye una amplia lista con bebidas de este tipo; está situado justo debajo de Prudential Center. Cuchi Cuchi también se encuentra entre los lugares más demandados, este lujoso y glamuroso establecimiento trabaja duro para ofrecer sus mejores servicios y, por supuesto, bebidas.

      También están aquellas personas que prefieren algo más tranquilo y "precopear" en sus propios domicilios. En este caso la ciudad de Boston ofrece un exclusivo servicio llamado Party Bus. El "Autobús Fiesta" es utilizado para transportar a sus clientes desde sus domicilios u otros lugares de interés a la puerta de cualquier discoteca, pues como ya sabéis... ¡Si bebéis alcohol, no podéis conducir!  Además, el Party Bus es una diversión asegurada ya que es una discoteca dentro del propio autobús donde se puede bailar, beber y pasárselo bien mientras este os traslada allá donde vayáis.

      Y como no, una de las mejores opciones para acabar bien la noche es ir a una discoteca para pasarlo en grande y bailar hasta que los pies no den más de si. Boston cuenta con numerosos clubs para elegir, todos y cada uno de ellos están diseñados de una manera diferente y proporcionan una fiesta asegurada gracias a su buena música, su buen ambiente y el buen rato que os harán pasar. Aquí están algunas de las discotecas más reconocidas por los jóvenes: Royale 279 situado en Tremont Street, Cure Lounge en 246 Tremont St., Bijou Nightclub & Lounge que está en el 51 de Stuart St., Venu 100 en Warrenton St., y The Estate 1 en boylston place.





      The Greenway's Newest Gem

      There's a new darling in Downtown Boston, and it goes by the name of Radian. You might have heard of it before, just under a different name: 120 Kingston Street.

      That's officially the address of the 26-story apartment tower in the convenient junction of Chinatown, the Financial District, the North End, and the Leather District. It is a game-change-y type of development that replaced an ancient Boston archetype building. It is as modern as you can get nowadays, with all glass windows, and concrete and steel floors with chic and stylish finishings once fully complete. The tower's developers, Forest City and the Hudson Group, have officially christened the 120 Kingston development Radian Boston, as it is literally radiant from all view corners, as well as it mimics a 'radian', the angular measurement that's tied to a circle's radius. As you can see, the building is cleanly designed to reflect this style.Within the modern building's design are 240 luxurious studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. Radiant is aggressively taking in applications for move-in starting early Spring, 2014. In addition to its well-appointed units, future residents will be delighted to know that there's also 4,500 square feet of ground-floor retail space. The commercial slots are poised to host nuvo cuisine restaurants that match the ambiance of the area, as well as independent retailers and shops. What more could you want from an up and coming development?

      Speaking of The Greenway and the Northern tip of the city, The New York Times recently published an article saying how the word "north" affects property prices on real estate found marketed in this region of the country's leading urban cities. Why? Well, it turns out that people do go gaga for greenery. In New York, North of the city is synonymous to access not only to Central Park, but also to the two water pond features that span its green space. Though 'North' End Boston lacks the breadth and depth of Central Park (The Rose Kennedy Greenway is immensely minuscule compared to its New York counterpart), the area makes up for in 'aquatic features' - with waterfront harbor views plus panoramic city skyline sceneries.

      Find out how you can get early access and sneak a peek of Radian Boston by contacting us at (617)505-1781 or by emailing us info@bostonire.com.

      Bargain Buys From Relocation Sales

      relocation sale relo boston somerville back bay luxury high-endAlmost all homebuyers today are familiar with the ins & outs of traditional property sales as well as the "more contemporary" short sales instituted by banks to load off some of their foreclosed properties. However, only a few know of another type of sale that is often a good means to find bargain property buys: a relocation sale. Usually, these types of properties are listed on the market on a rush basis, for the sole reason that the resident is leaving it behind, and wants a quick cash get away.

      While there are slight differences in the the acquisition process for buying a property that's from a relocation sale, these can have distinct advantages for buyers.

      What is a "relo"? A relo is a home sale that is completed with the help of a relocation firm. These firms are hired by companies to help their transferred employees move. A relo firm might help the transferred employee hire movers and find a rental home. If the employee is a homeowner, the relo firm might help the employee sell the old home.

      Sales assistance is done in two stages. For the first few months the home is on the market, the house usually remains in the employee's name, with the relocation company providing advice on pricing and marketing. If the home isn't sold during that period, the employee's company may totally or partially buy out the property, freeing the employee to buy a home in the new location. After the employer buys the house, the relocation company becomes the chief party in sale negotiations. And once the company takes over, the buyer has a complete advantage because they're dealing with a seller who has no emotional attachment to the property, and would just like to earn back what they spent on acquiring it.

      Are these relo properties cheaper? While relocation sales don't necessarily translate into fire-sale prices, buyers can count on the home to be fairly priced for its market. Usually, companies who uproot and transplant their employees want to dispose of the property as soon as possible, making only what they spent to acquire the property and nothing more. This means that each and every home that's up for a relocation sale, is for a buyer's taking. Relocation properties also tend to be in good condition because most relocation firms recommend needed repairs or do the repairs themselves.

      How to buy a relo Buying a relo property isn't that different from any other traditional sale. However, buyers should prepare for a few new twists:

      Price negotiations may take longer. With normal home sales, the back-and-forth on pricing can last just a few hours as sellers and buyers hurriedly consult with their real-estate agents. But relocation firms typically operate during business hours and might not be available to respond to a weekend offer until Monday.

      Get pre-approved for financing. Buyers are always advised to line up their financing before they start looking for homes, but it's especially important when buying a relo property. Prospective buyers need to show that they are prepared and are in a good position to buy.

      Sell your old home first. If you need to sell your current home before buying another, you should take care of that before trying to buy a home being sold by a relocation firm. The relocation firms often want a nice, contingent-free, clean sale, if at all possible. If your current home is under contract with a buyer but has not closed yet, that's usually acceptable, but be prepared to provide copies of your sales contract and other important information on the expected closing date.

      Be prepared for more paperwork. Relo sales typically require buyers to sign additional riders and amendments to minimize the relocation company's liability. Usually, this translates to having double the number of pages in the contract, as well as exaggerated amounts of signatures.

      Whatever your preference of home is, relocation sales usually occur during months of high employee turnover, specifically right before winter until the weeks leading to Spring, as most businesses hire and transplant new talent in the first half of the year, coinciding with their fiscal calendar.

      In Boston, most of relocation sales happen in and around the outlying neighborhoods. More often than not, these include properties in and around Cambridge, Somerville, Seaport District, and Newton.

      Construyendo la casa de sus sueños.

      Una mudanza o un cambio de destino conlleva muchas más cosas que coger un avión, un tren o un coche y plantarse en la ciudad de la noche a la mañana para comenzar con su nueva vida.  Cuando por fin se declina por la casa o el apartamento de sus sueños a veces resulta un poco depresivo entrar a vivir y que  lo único que haya en su interior sea polvo acumulado y un olor a cerrado espantoso. En BIRE creemos que para construir una vida de ensueño primero tiene empezar por amoldar su espacio personal; de este modo, usted y su familia se sentirán más cómodos, satisfechos y felices.

      Una de las trabas más pesadas a la hora de desplazarse a un lugar nuevo puede ser la búsqueda de inmuebles, de hecho, dormir tirado en el suelo con un colchón inflable no es una sorpresa mientras que se desarrolla este proceso. Sin embargo, peripecias como las del colchón a la larga puede que les traiga problemas. Si algo bueno tiene la ciudad de Boston es que cuenta con cantidad de tiendas y lugares para conseguir sus inmuebles de una forma rápida, segura y, por supuesto, encontrando todo lo que busca, ya que es una metrópoli con una tasa de desplazamientos bastante alta.

      Aquí les dejamos una pequeña lista para que echen un vistazo de los principales lugares de venta de muebles.

      IKEA: 1 IKEA Way, Stoughton, MA 02072

      Está tienda cuenta con todo lo necesario para construir su casa a un coste bastante rentable, suele ser utilizada por estudiantes que vienen a estudiar a la capital de Massachusetts. El único desafío que presenta está compañía es que los muebles han de ser montados por usted mismo.

      BOSTONWOOD: 1117 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

      Está tienda se ubica en el vecindario de Allston/Brighton, se equipa con productos de madera de excelente calidad. Además, si le gusta pintar podrá hacerlo, pues muchos de los productos vienen con el propio color de la madera. Así que coja un pincel, deje su imaginación volar y personalice los muebles a su gusto y semejanza.

      LEKKER HOME: 1313 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

      Situada en South End, este lugar cuenta con muebles y precios de todo tipo. Es un espacio ideal para aquellos que quieran dar un toque "chic" a su domicilio. También podrá encontrar más utensilios como ropa de cama, ropa de baño y cantidad de artículos de decoración.

      CREATE & BARREL: 777 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02116

      Ubicado en el centro de Boston este lugar también ofrece multitud de muebles para empezar a decorar su casa. Además, será atendido por grandes expertos que le ayudarán a elegir que es exactamente lo que desea.


      THE BOSTON BED COMPANY: 1113 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

      Los muebles son algo fundamental pero una buena cama también lo es. A la larga esto le evitará problemas de espada, malestar y le permitirá estar descansado y al 100% para enfrentarse a la vida activa con la que cuenta una ciudad. Esta tienda está especializa en colchones que gozan de una calidad exquisita para satisfacerle con un buen descanso.

      MOHR & MCPHERSON: 460 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118.

      Si le gusta una decoración de interiores impregnada de paz y buenas vibraciones entonces el diseño asiático es su estilo. En esta tienda encontrará todo lo que necesita para que los rincones de su casa luzcan como usted desee.

      Y por supuesto hemos de mencionar Craiglist.com. Se trata de una famosa página web de segunda mano donde podrá encontrar todo lo que está buscando a un precio muy económico. Incluso en muchas ocasiones se pueden encontrar productos totalmente gratis, ya que su dueño se tiene que desplazar y no sabe que hacer con ellos. Esta página es muy utilizada por aquellos estudiantes que vienen un corto período de tiempo y necesitan enseres que en un futuro no volverán a utilizar.

      Hablando de páginas web Amazon.com también ofrece productos interesantes y muy atractivos para darle forma a su hogar. Además, este sitio web ofrece la opción de comprar artículos nuevos y de segunda mano, eso ya depende de usted y de sus intereses.

      Y como no íbamos a mencionar los famosos rastrillos de la calle. Seguro que han visto cientos de veces en películas a aquellas familias que están a punto de mudarse de la ciudad, sacan todas sus pertenecías a la calle y, allí mismo, en la propia acera de su casa, las venden. No sea tímido y eche un vistazo si se topa con uno de estos rastrillos, pues puede encontrarse con una sorpresa y darle algo de vida a su apartamento.

      Lo que debe tener en cuenta es que lista de los sitios que le ofrecemos abarca tan solo una pequeña parte de la multitud de opciones y tiendas que Boston ofrece a sus residentes. Y como hemos mencionado antes, esta ciudad está continuamente recibiendo y despidiendo a sus ciudadanos. Por eso tiene más opciones además de elegir la primera tienda que tenga un sofá en su escaparate. Mire tiendas de segunda mano, páginas de internet que considere que pueden ofrecerle unos buenos chollos y hable con lugares especializadas para descubrir que es lo que realmente busca.


      *Si busca el apartamento de sus sueños llame al (617) 505-1781 o escribanos a: info@bostonire.com y concrete una cita con nosotros. ¡Le facilitaremos el comienzo de una nueva aventura!