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The History Of Boston

¿Qué es en realidad el día de Acción de Gracias?

Probablemente durante estos últimos días alguien le ha preguntado si saldrá de vacaciones por acción de gracias o que planes tiene para esta fecha. Mañana se celebra uno de los días favoritos de Estados Unidos, el Día de Acción de Gracias. Si todavía no conocen muy bien las costumbres americanas se imaginarán a una familia alrededor de una [...]

Boston y su tiempo: un buen clima una buena estancia.

El tiempo de Boston a veces puede ser una traba tanto para el turista que decide venir a pasar unos días como para el propio residente de la ciudad. El clima puede cambiar en décimas de segundo, es por ello que existe un dicho común entre los habitantes de esta metrópoli que dice: "si no te gusta el tiempo de Boston, espera un [...]

Un paseo por el Sendero de la Libertad o el "Freedom Trail"


Existen domingos en los cuales los planes interesantes escasean, pues está nada más que de paso en la ciudad o no encuentra la aventura perfecta para disfrutar con su familia. Así que pone un par de rebanadas de pan dentro del tostador y se aferra a la televisión esperando encontrar algún canal que le suscite algo de emoción. Al no emitir [...]

Boston's Trillion Dollar Industry

Like any other major city in the United States, the past five years hasn't been easy on the local economy. The financial crisis that triggered the country's worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1920's left most Americans under the threat of fiscal instability. Boston, being the sixth-largest economy in the country, and [...]

Where To Find Peace & Quiet In Boston

The first long weekend of the year is coming up, do you have any plans? Although MLK weekend is traditionally celebrated with people tuned into their television sets for the Presidential Inauguration, it might be a good idea to skip this one and pamper yourself while the weather is still warm-ish. There's also a good chance that you're still [...]

Holiday House Tours In Massachusetts

If you're looking for something to do but not freeze out during this already-wintery start of the month, look no further. We've assembled a list of New England holiday house tours, open for everyone's enjoyment and exploration, all while in the comfort of being indoors. And whether you're just an open house enthusiast, or would just like to [...]

Spooky Spots In and Around Boston

If you're one to celebrate All Hallow's Eve (aka Halloween), then this list is for you. Boston and the rest of the Bay State is known to have haunted locations all over, given its abundance of antiquated buildings, and richness in history as the state is one of America's oldest settlements. Beantown's cobblestones, which date back as far as [...]

Spending Saturday on the South End

If you're still unsure of your plans for the weekend, The South End Historic Society is having its 44th South End House Tours on Saturday, October 20. The event offers participants a unique glimpse into the private homes of Bostonians residing in this sophisticated neighborhood. Most people living in the city are fans of the South End, as [...]

Boston's Iconic Eateries

Like many of its neighboring cities and states in New England, Boston is known for its seafood scene, as well as its chowder cuisine. Most places in the the Upper East corridor of the country pride themselves with the best catch of lobsters and the like, leaving little elbow room for cities to make a name out of their cuisine. But what [...]

Back Bay, Boston. Landmarked Neighborhood

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