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      Blog :: 02-2012

      Amueblado o sin amueblar?


      ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre alquilar un apartamento amueblado o vacío? Es la pregunta que muchos se hacen a la hora de alquilar un apartamento en Boston. Legalmente no existen diferencias en Massachusetts. Los contratos en ambos casos son iguales, pero se adjunta un inventario de todo cuanto hay en la vivienda, y el inquilino se responsabiliza de  entregar todo en perfectas condiciones cuando el contrato se rescinda. Lo que crean las mayores diferencias son las necesidades del inquilino.


      Los contratos de apartamentos amueblados suelen ser más cortos ( 1-12 meses) que en apartamentos vacíos, ya que la facilidad de movilidad es mayor. Así mismo el precio también es superior, pues se debe contemplar el desgaste propio del uso de los muebles. Hay empresas que se dedican a amueblar casas de alquiler y disponen de diferentes paquetes. Desde el básico que incluye cama, sofá, mesa de comedor y sillas, hasta el completo que incluye vajilla cortinas, toallas, sábanas, etc. Una de las grandes ventajas es que la vivienda es habitable desde el primer día. Este tipo de alquiler es mas común y rentable en viviendas pequeñas. Los apartamentos amueblados son la mejor opción para alquileres temporales, de corta duración o si se esta pensando en comprar. También son idóneos si esta pensando en compartir piso, ya que se evitan conflictos de decoración.


      Por otro lado, los apartamentos vacíos están dirigidos a inquilinos estables, sin intención de mudarse a corto plazo.   Suelen ser mas grandes y familiares, por lo que el inquilino suele preferir adaptar sus propios muebles y decorar la casa ajustándose a sus necesidades. También le da la posibilidad de trasladar los muebles de su anterior domicilio y de aprovecharlos en un futuro. Hay que tener muy en cuenta el seguro para inquilinos si se esta plante ando alquilar un apartamento vacío en Boston, ya que son sus pertenencias las que se verían afectadas. No hay que confiar en que el dueño tenga seguro para inquilinos porque suelen tener un seguro que cubre los daños de la casa, nunca los personales. Este seguro suele tener un coste de $50 a $100 y desde B.I.R.E. le recomendamos sumamente que lo adquiera.


      Como observamos, tanto una como otra tienen ventajas y desventajas, por lo que la decisión final depende de lo que realmente este buscando el inquilino.  Tanto si decide alquilar una vivienda amueblada como una vacía en Boston, estaremos encantados de ayudarle.  Puede empezar la búsqueda desde nuestra pagina web o Facebook.


      The Boston Common: History, Art & Ice Skating!

      The Boston Common

      In the epicenter of Boston lies the famous Boston Commons & Public Gardens--the oldest city park in the United States. Perhaps you have visited, read about it or seen it in movies such as Good will Hunting or the Boondock Saints. Besides its reputation as a work of art & a staple for the city, it also offers a vast amount of entertainment for those of all ages--from the young 20-somethings to the family with small children.  As the winter begins to taper off and the vision of Spring is coming closer, outdoor entertainment offered by the city of Boston offers a new way to experience the city (both in winter and spring)--by participating in various events and activities sponsored by the city, it offers a way to interact with tourists, drawn to the commons, to city-folk taking a stroll out of their Beacon Hill Townhouses. The Boston Commons transforms their frog pond (normally a shallow pool inhabited.... not by frogs, but by pigeons and wished upon pennies) into a skating rink from November (21st to be exact!) through March (17th), offering the perfect chance to exercise while interacting with a range of world-wide visitors to bona fide Boston city-folk. One can choose to participate in the fun during morning hours (10:00 am) even throughout the night (the rink closes at 9:00 pm), where the park will be decorated with the parks and recreations Christmas & Festival lights strewn about the hundreds of trees. Throughout the winter children under the age of 13 skate for free & adult's tickets are $5.00. Tuesday night is a sponsored "college night" from 5:00-9:00, with a college ID tickets are half price. On any give night the rink is abuzz with people of all ages & people from all different places.

      As spring approaches a new calendar of events is posted ( see :www.cityofboston.gov/parks/) Ranging from concerts on the commons to old black & white movies being played on the second baseball field. For the sports inclined people, Boston Ski and Sports Club has a vast pick-up league for those of all ages...from softball to Frisbee (See: www.bssc.com). For the younger guys, the North End Little League plays most of their games at the Boston commons and offers newcomers to Boston (both adults and children) a chance to play a sport & interact with varying teams.

      If the former does not catch your fancy, well you are still in luck! The Boston Commons are surrounded by some of the best streets in Boston (in terms of food, dining & entertainment). So if you would rather take in the art and grab a quick drink, I'd recommend taking a walk up Charles Street and see what catches your eye!


      Here is a list of restaraunts on Charles Street:



      Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro

      Bin 26 Enoteca

      Caffe Bella Vita



      Hungry 1

      King & I

      Nino's Pizza





      The Paramount                            

      The Sevens

      Toscano Restaurant

      Upper Crust Pizzeria



      10 Things to Remember When Renting an Apartment in Boston

      Renting a Boston apartment is much harder than it seems. Not paying attention to small details can change your apartment renting experience. Here are ten things you should remember when renting an apartment in order to make the right decision.

       1.    Do not trust in words

      If it's not written and signed by both parties, it isn't legal. For example, if the landlord verbally commits to fix the oven, the tenant should make sure that it is included in a written document.

      2.    Read the contract carefully 

      Renting an apartment in Boston requires a significant amount of documents that you need to read carefully. Usually they have policies including smoking rules and pet policies.  Even if pets are allowed, sometimes landlords limit the size, number, or type of pets.

      It is extremely important to specify the expenses that are included in the apartment rental. For instance, community expenses, gardening service, water or heat.

      3.    Careful examine of the property

      Make sure you check the apartment carefully before you sign the lease. Not only for damages but also for noisy neighbors or even mice. We recommend making a checklist including windows, locks, plugs, appliances, etc.

       4.    Price

      There are many things that can affect the price of your rent apart from Boston neighborhood and the conditions of the house.  For example, utilities, amenities, security, parking, and many other services may significantly effect the price of your rent.

      5.    Location

      Good location does not have to be a nice place to live.  Living in an apartment in front of the Boston Common is a good example. It is a tradeoff. You get to see the beautiful common and other wonderful views, but you also have to deal with a large crew and noise due to city events.

       6.    Size

      It is important to consider not only how many square feet the apartment has, but also the distribution. It is very common not to pay much attention to size of closets and bathrooms in many of the older Boston apartments, which you may regret after one month.

       7.    Timing

      Most of the rentals in Boston start in September, so if you are considering renting an apartment you should start searching for it from January in order to find more variety and availability.

       8.    Renter's Insurance

      As we mentioned in the previous post, we highly recommend renters to get insurance for any apartment rental in Boston. Landlords usually have insurance of the building but this will not cover your personal belongings.

      9.    Landlord

      It is very important to have a nice relationship with your landlord. Not only because he/she has your security deposit, but also because of periodic maintenance and future recommendation.

      10.   Smoke Alarm

      All apartments must have smoke alarms in perfect condition. You must make sure to check if it is working correctly. Some Boston buildings also require carbon monoxide detectors or fire extinguishers.

      It is highly recommended to receive help from a realtor in order to successfully rent the place that you desire. It is very common that renters, who are excited to sign the lease, often do not pay attention to details that may considerably affect your living conditions. Renters need enough preparation and inspection before deciding on a new place. If you are doing a renting process on your own, you should make a detailed list and not rush to sign.












      Restaurantes Espa├▒oles en Boston

      La cocina Española es, para muchos, la mejor cocina del mundo. No obstante, no es muy internacional por lo que encontrar productos o restaurantes españoles fuera de España puede resultar una tarea difícil. En Boston no podría ser de otra manera y , aunque se vean establecimientos donde digan "Tapas" , no son ni mucho menos lo que uno espera de un restaurante español. He decidido hacer una pequeña lista incluyendo, a mi parecer, los tres mejores restaurantes españoles o de comida española en Boston.


      1.    Toro

      Es uno de los restaurantes mas de moda en Boston. Situado en South End, Toro es como un típico bar de tapas de Barcelona, pero con un toque americano. Fundado por el famoso Chef Ken Oringer, toro se ha convertido en una referencia para los bares de tapas en Estados Unidos. Tiene una gran variedad de vinos españoles y cocktails tradicionales.

      Una característica de éste restaurante es que no admite reservas por lo que se recomienda ir sin prisas.



       2.    Taberna de Haro

      Este pequeño restaurante situado en Brookline, fue seguramente el que mas me sorprendió de todos. La dueña y chef, Deborah Hansen, vivió en Madrid ocho años y quedo tan fascinada por la comida que decidió abrir una taberna en Boston.  Es sorprendente el selecto menú, ya que es muy similar al que se puede encontrar en cualquier taberna en el centro de Madrid. Tienen una inmensa carta de vinos con mas de 265 tipos, incluyendo vinos de jerez, dulces o Riojas.


      3.    Estragón

      Sin duda, el restaurante español por excelencia en Boston y el único en el que el chef Julio de Haro, que a su vez es dueño, es español.  Ésto, junto con que es el único restaurante que incluye jamón ibérico de bellota en su menú, es lo que probablemente marca la diferencia con respecto a los demás.

      Estragón sólo abre para la cena, pero pegado al restaurante hay una tienda, Las Ventas, que ofrece bocadillos y una gran variedad de productos españoles como jamón ibérico, lomo, chistorra o azafrán e incluso dulces como turrón ,Cola Cao o Nocilla.


      Espero que este blog os resulte útil. Si sois nuevos en la ciudad y queréis saber mas información sobre éstos u otros restaurantes, no dudéis en preguntar cualquier duda en nuestra pagina de Facebook.



      For centuries, immigrants have been making their way into different countries around the world. It usually starts with a brave leap by an individual wanting to start over in a foreign land.  They bring culture and new ideas forward as they establish their new life and in the process they establish new communities that speak their native tongue. Within these communities friendships and business partnerships are born. Today as we make this new start, our technology allows us to make these connections on a global scale. The Internations.org website is a great example of this. InterNations helps us join together to learn what to do in our new cities, where to live, how to get around and what careers there are to be had.  It allows members to share goods and services, post events as well as make powerful searches to connect the right people.

      David and InterNations Embassador Livia Dinu

      The website provides forums as well as a guide sections to help you get around in your new city. Members can post questions about entertainment for example and other members supply the answers and data.  Reply's can come from members who have visited and are familiar with whatever information you're seeking as well as members who are currently established in those cities. You essentially let those who paved the way before you lend a helping hand.

      You can post questions in world forums or local forums.  Each forum breaks down into "towntalk" which helps general questions about the city, "Expat Q&A" which houses information about the internations website, "jobs" for those looking to make a move in the job market, "Housing" for anyone looking to buy or rent property in a selected city, and "Marketplace" where members can blog to advertise goods or service.

      You can also join groups on a local and global level.  Group topics can be anything from science, companies & institutions, jobs & professions, to also travel. Some groups have as little as a few hundred members to as many as a few thousand. A great way to network and learn.

      Doing member searches in InterNations is also quite powerful.  You have the capability to do a search via first and last as well as interests.  You can pinpoint a members profession, where they attended a University, and name of current and previous organization/ company. Finally it allows you to search members via residence and origin allowing you to build a search, contact and have a cup of coffee with a member to further your relationship. A lot can be said about this website blog. A must have tool for any international!

      Visit InterNations at www.internations.org

      Got Beer?

      Got Beer?

      Boston is a city with many world class beers brewed in and around the state of Massachusetts at various microbreweries. The locals like to think that there's a huge difference between beer, good beer, and great beer. For a city that loves to drink and celebrate with the beer from it's own microbreweries as well as others nationwide, if only to make the case that ours are much better. In this post, we've composed a list of the best Boston breweries and the types of beer they offer. This post will make a clear distinction of the Boston Beer selection.


      Boston Beer Co.

      Location: Boston Top beer: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

      In 1984, Jim Koch introduced the Samuel Adams Boston Lager; a full-flavored, well balanced beer. It has a strong malt flavor and also leaves a taste of a hoppy bitterness. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is an excellent example of the fundamentals of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. To this day Samuel Adams Boston Lager remains the company's most popular seller, as well as an excellent representation of a Boston Beer that's well worth a taste, or two.


      Mercury Brewing Co.

      Location: Ipswich Top beer: Ipswich Ale

      Jim Beauvais and Paul Silva founded the Mercury Brewing Co. in 1991. The microbrewery distributes Ipswich, Stone Cat, Cisco Brewers of Nantucket, and other high quality beers with unique flavors, which are sure to please every pallet. From the Ipswich Original Ale, to the Oatmeal Stout, to a range of seasonal ales, there is an Ipswich Ale for all tastes.  While prevalent in the North Shore, of Massachusetts, Ipswich Ale can also be found in several states along the East Coast.

      Named one of the World's Ten Best Beers by Wine Spectator Magazine, Ipswich Ale has satisfied discerning craft beer drinkers since 1991. A North Shore classic, Ipswich Ale is a medium-bodied, unfiltered English style.





      Harpoon Brewery

      Location: Boston Top beer: Harpoon IPA

      Harpoon founders Dan Kenary and Richard Doyle found inspiration in Europe, having experienced first-hand the region's strong beer culture. The brewery, now the 12th largest craft brewer in the country, was founded in 1986 with a mission to be part of the community. Their flagship is the IPA. "It's a British style ale. It's medium bodied, copper colored. It's got a beautiful copper color. It's hoppy," said Liz Melby, director of communications at the brewery. "It's got a nice floral aroma and a slightly bitter finish."


      Wachusett Brewing Co.

      Location: Westminster Top beer: Wachusett Blueberry

      The Wachusett Brewing Co. was founded in 1993, and launched its blueberry beer 10 years ago. "As we say with Wachusett Blueberry - it's a beer first," said Ned LaFortune, president of the Wachusett Brewing Co. "Our formula allows for an appreciation of all the components of the brew as well as the balanced blueberry flavor. And it's subtle enough that someone not overly enthusiastic about blueberries can enjoy it."


      Winter Apartment Hunting


      Winter Apartment-Hunting Tips in Boston

      Apartment hunting can be a challenge in the midst of winter. The process of relocating in Boston isn't made any easier with the harsh weather either, which is typically why one tends find that many Boston apartment rentals have leases that end in September. Here are solutions to the frustrating challenge of winter apartment hunting in Boston:

      1. Don't give up on Agencies and Brokers; many of them are friendly and helpful.
      2. New listings for apartments in Boston appear daily as people do break their existing leases.
      3. A given real estate agency may know of exclusive apartment listings in Boston that other agencies may not.
      4. Listings approved real estate agencies are much more accurate and up to date than the ones posted simply online.
      5. Look outside of Boston for apartments.  Generally you will get more square footage for your dollar.  Some great neighborhoods to consider lie in Somerville, Charlestown, and South Boston; only a short commute by mass transit will help you save money on an apartment.
      6. Be open to subleasing and apartment. Often renters move out of Boston for a semester leaving behind a lease that continues to September. If you sublet from a Boston landlord for a few months, usually the landlord will consider you first when it comes time for him to get a new apartment lease signed in September.