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Winter Apartment Hunting


Winter Apartment-Hunting Tips in Boston

Apartment hunting can be a challenge in the midst of winter. The process of relocating in Boston isn't made any easier with the harsh weather either, which is typically why one tends find that many Boston apartment rentals have leases that end in September. Here are solutions to the frustrating challenge of winter apartment hunting in Boston:

  1. Don't give up on Agencies and Brokers; many of them are friendly and helpful.
  2. New listings for apartments in Boston appear daily as people do break their existing leases.
  3. A given real estate agency may know of exclusive apartment listings in Boston that other agencies may not.
  4. Listings approved real estate agencies are much more accurate and up to date than the ones posted simply online.
  5. Look outside of Boston for apartments.  Generally you will get more square footage for your dollar.  Some great neighborhoods to consider lie in Somerville, Charlestown, and South Boston; only a short commute by mass transit will help you save money on an apartment.
  6. Be open to subleasing and apartment. Often renters move out of Boston for a semester leaving behind a lease that continues to September. If you sublet from a Boston landlord for a few months, usually the landlord will consider you first when it comes time for him to get a new apartment lease signed in September.


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