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10 Things to Remember When Renting an Apartment in Boston

Renting a Boston apartment is much harder than it seems. Not paying attention to small details can change your apartment renting experience. Here are ten things you should remember when renting an apartment in order to make the right decision.

 1.    Do not trust in words

If it's not written and signed by both parties, it isn't legal. For example, if the landlord verbally commits to fix the oven, the tenant should make sure that it is included in a written document.

2.    Read the contract carefully 

Renting an apartment in Boston requires a significant amount of documents that you need to read carefully. Usually they have policies including smoking rules and pet policies.  Even if pets are allowed, sometimes landlords limit the size, number, or type of pets.

It is extremely important to specify the expenses that are included in the apartment rental. For instance, community expenses, gardening service, water or heat.

3.    Careful examine of the property

Make sure you check the apartment carefully before you sign the lease. Not only for damages but also for noisy neighbors or even mice. We recommend making a checklist including windows, locks, plugs, appliances, etc.

 4.    Price

There are many things that can affect the price of your rent apart from Boston neighborhood and the conditions of the house.  For example, utilities, amenities, security, parking, and many other services may significantly effect the price of your rent.

5.    Location

Good location does not have to be a nice place to live.  Living in an apartment in front of the Boston Common is a good example. It is a tradeoff. You get to see the beautiful common and other wonderful views, but you also have to deal with a large crew and noise due to city events.

 6.    Size

It is important to consider not only how many square feet the apartment has, but also the distribution. It is very common not to pay much attention to size of closets and bathrooms in many of the older Boston apartments, which you may regret after one month.

 7.    Timing

Most of the rentals in Boston start in September, so if you are considering renting an apartment you should start searching for it from January in order to find more variety and availability.

 8.    Renter's Insurance

As we mentioned in the previous post, we highly recommend renters to get insurance for any apartment rental in Boston. Landlords usually have insurance of the building but this will not cover your personal belongings.

9.    Landlord

It is very important to have a nice relationship with your landlord. Not only because he/she has your security deposit, but also because of periodic maintenance and future recommendation.

10.   Smoke Alarm

All apartments must have smoke alarms in perfect condition. You must make sure to check if it is working correctly. Some Boston buildings also require carbon monoxide detectors or fire extinguishers.

It is highly recommended to receive help from a realtor in order to successfully rent the place that you desire. It is very common that renters, who are excited to sign the lease, often do not pay attention to details that may considerably affect your living conditions. Renters need enough preparation and inspection before deciding on a new place. If you are doing a renting process on your own, you should make a detailed list and not rush to sign.












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