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Got Beer?

Got Beer?

Boston is a city with many world class beers brewed in and around the state of Massachusetts at various microbreweries. The locals like to think that there's a huge difference between beer, good beer, and great beer. For a city that loves to drink and celebrate with the beer from it's own microbreweries as well as others nationwide, if only to make the case that ours are much better. In this post, we've composed a list of the best Boston breweries and the types of beer they offer. This post will make a clear distinction of the Boston Beer selection.


Boston Beer Co.

Location: Boston Top beer: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

In 1984, Jim Koch introduced the Samuel Adams Boston Lager; a full-flavored, well balanced beer. It has a strong malt flavor and also leaves a taste of a hoppy bitterness. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is an excellent example of the fundamentals of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. To this day Samuel Adams Boston Lager remains the company's most popular seller, as well as an excellent representation of a Boston Beer that's well worth a taste, or two.


Mercury Brewing Co.

Location: Ipswich Top beer: Ipswich Ale

Jim Beauvais and Paul Silva founded the Mercury Brewing Co. in 1991. The microbrewery distributes Ipswich, Stone Cat, Cisco Brewers of Nantucket, and other high quality beers with unique flavors, which are sure to please every pallet. From the Ipswich Original Ale, to the Oatmeal Stout, to a range of seasonal ales, there is an Ipswich Ale for all tastes.  While prevalent in the North Shore, of Massachusetts, Ipswich Ale can also be found in several states along the East Coast.

Named one of the World's Ten Best Beers by Wine Spectator Magazine, Ipswich Ale has satisfied discerning craft beer drinkers since 1991. A North Shore classic, Ipswich Ale is a medium-bodied, unfiltered English style.





Harpoon Brewery

Location: Boston Top beer: Harpoon IPA

Harpoon founders Dan Kenary and Richard Doyle found inspiration in Europe, having experienced first-hand the region's strong beer culture. The brewery, now the 12th largest craft brewer in the country, was founded in 1986 with a mission to be part of the community. Their flagship is the IPA. "It's a British style ale. It's medium bodied, copper colored. It's got a beautiful copper color. It's hoppy," said Liz Melby, director of communications at the brewery. "It's got a nice floral aroma and a slightly bitter finish."


Wachusett Brewing Co.

Location: Westminster Top beer: Wachusett Blueberry

The Wachusett Brewing Co. was founded in 1993, and launched its blueberry beer 10 years ago. "As we say with Wachusett Blueberry - it's a beer first," said Ned LaFortune, president of the Wachusett Brewing Co. "Our formula allows for an appreciation of all the components of the brew as well as the balanced blueberry flavor. And it's subtle enough that someone not overly enthusiastic about blueberries can enjoy it."


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