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For centuries, immigrants have been making their way into different countries around the world. It usually starts with a brave leap by an individual wanting to start over in a foreign land.  They bring culture and new ideas forward as they establish their new life and in the process they establish new communities that speak their native tongue. Within these communities friendships and business partnerships are born. Today as we make this new start, our technology allows us to make these connections on a global scale. The Internations.org website is a great example of this. InterNations helps us join together to learn what to do in our new cities, where to live, how to get around and what careers there are to be had.  It allows members to share goods and services, post events as well as make powerful searches to connect the right people.

David and InterNations Embassador Livia Dinu

The website provides forums as well as a guide sections to help you get around in your new city. Members can post questions about entertainment for example and other members supply the answers and data.  Reply's can come from members who have visited and are familiar with whatever information you're seeking as well as members who are currently established in those cities. You essentially let those who paved the way before you lend a helping hand.

You can post questions in world forums or local forums.  Each forum breaks down into "towntalk" which helps general questions about the city, "Expat Q&A" which houses information about the internations website, "jobs" for those looking to make a move in the job market, "Housing" for anyone looking to buy or rent property in a selected city, and "Marketplace" where members can blog to advertise goods or service.

You can also join groups on a local and global level.  Group topics can be anything from science, companies & institutions, jobs & professions, to also travel. Some groups have as little as a few hundred members to as many as a few thousand. A great way to network and learn.

Doing member searches in InterNations is also quite powerful.  You have the capability to do a search via first and last as well as interests.  You can pinpoint a members profession, where they attended a University, and name of current and previous organization/ company. Finally it allows you to search members via residence and origin allowing you to build a search, contact and have a cup of coffee with a member to further your relationship. A lot can be said about this website blog. A must have tool for any international!

Visit InterNations at www.internations.org

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