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The Boston Common: History, Art & Ice Skating!

The Boston Common

In the epicenter of Boston lies the famous Boston Commons & Public Gardens--the oldest city park in the United States. Perhaps you have visited, read about it or seen it in movies such as Good will Hunting or the Boondock Saints. Besides its reputation as a work of art & a staple for the city, it also offers a vast amount of entertainment for those of all ages--from the young 20-somethings to the family with small children.  As the winter begins to taper off and the vision of Spring is coming closer, outdoor entertainment offered by the city of Boston offers a new way to experience the city (both in winter and spring)--by participating in various events and activities sponsored by the city, it offers a way to interact with tourists, drawn to the commons, to city-folk taking a stroll out of their Beacon Hill Townhouses. The Boston Commons transforms their frog pond (normally a shallow pool inhabited.... not by frogs, but by pigeons and wished upon pennies) into a skating rink from November (21st to be exact!) through March (17th), offering the perfect chance to exercise while interacting with a range of world-wide visitors to bona fide Boston city-folk. One can choose to participate in the fun during morning hours (10:00 am) even throughout the night (the rink closes at 9:00 pm), where the park will be decorated with the parks and recreations Christmas & Festival lights strewn about the hundreds of trees. Throughout the winter children under the age of 13 skate for free & adult's tickets are $5.00. Tuesday night is a sponsored "college night" from 5:00-9:00, with a college ID tickets are half price. On any give night the rink is abuzz with people of all ages & people from all different places.

As spring approaches a new calendar of events is posted ( see :www.cityofboston.gov/parks/) Ranging from concerts on the commons to old black & white movies being played on the second baseball field. For the sports inclined people, Boston Ski and Sports Club has a vast pick-up league for those of all ages...from softball to Frisbee (See: www.bssc.com). For the younger guys, the North End Little League plays most of their games at the Boston commons and offers newcomers to Boston (both adults and children) a chance to play a sport & interact with varying teams.

If the former does not catch your fancy, well you are still in luck! The Boston Commons are surrounded by some of the best streets in Boston (in terms of food, dining & entertainment). So if you would rather take in the art and grab a quick drink, I'd recommend taking a walk up Charles Street and see what catches your eye!


Here is a list of restaraunts on Charles Street:



Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro

Bin 26 Enoteca

Caffe Bella Vita



Hungry 1

King & I

Nino's Pizza





The Paramount                            

The Sevens

Toscano Restaurant

Upper Crust Pizzeria



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