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Boston and Its Surrounding Modern Architecture (part 1)

Boston and Its Surrounding Modern Architecture (part 1)

Boston is known to be a home to education, sports, history, unpredictable weather and families that have lived in the surrounding area for years. Apart from the old brick English inspired architecture, Boston also has a variety of modern and abstract features intermingled in between. Some of its residents choose to live in small apartments, with minimal accouterments, other in mansion-like houses on the outskirts by the ocean, and finally the enthusiasts which prefer a splash of contemporary way of living. An example of this modern lifestyle chosen by some is a home in the outskirts of Boston, MA, where all the amenities that the best of today's architecture and design can afford are depicted.


This home, while surrounded by cottages dating from the 1900's, is facing the waterfront, faintly being distinguished with its abstract to old cottage -like persona, disguising the gem that lies within.

On the other hand, imagine owning a home to which reaching its front gate would require a climbing a steep hill, yes, a steep hill, even though sounding abhorrent the climb is rewarded when you reach the top. This home is located in the Boston surroundings, in Chestnut Hill. The home is uniquely modern, structurally designed to embrace the outline of a long hill, and it's environmentally sound from the materials used to its shape and structure, camouflaged in the terrain. This home was designed by Jonathan Levi Architects, true evidence to a transition of contemporary Boston homes.


The appearance of the main building draws out transversely in plan and section, compliant to the inclined land and allowing for each room to fall into a unique relationship to the south facing views. The garage and court are carefully placed, detached for extra privacy and intimacy adding to the outdoor grandeur of the living space.


Back Bay, Boston. Landmarked Neighborhood

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