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Boston and its Surrounding Modern Architecture (Part 2)

Boston and its Surrounding Modern Architecture (Part 2)

Another unique, modern home created by the architect Marcel Breuer, assigned to create an exclusive contemporary home in Andover, a town 15 miles north of the city has become a must see example of a new line of construction within New England.  The town of Andover was an ideal location for such a home because it offered an abundance of land. Constructed in the late fall, the landscape was often distorted by wind and the spread of leaves, by rolling roads and long, lavish hills that stretched into the aged New England sky. But Breuer's architecture spun life within a clean and energetic design. It holds nothing of the harsh conditions of the winter, but instead brings to life a unique, modern home, scattered with white and stone exterior, glass walls, and an open floor plan.

Chaewon Kim and Beat Schenk are ascending architects. The couple lives and works in Cambridge, MA, where their renovated home which made them famous. After purchasing the small cottage, the architects took down the walls, the plumbing system, and mostly everything leaving a  plain canvas to make their creation and begin their revolution. The most important factor was that they wanted to renovate and design the house using affordable, do-it-yourself products available on the common market. The result was a natural and unnatural hybrid construction, inserted within a plot of land, a home representing New England's distant past while putting a spin on a modernistic approach used in the 21st century architecture.








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