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      Blog :: 05-2012

      Things you learn in college

      For the lucky ones who still are in college, BIRE has prepared a little list of things that the team members learned in college after experience...

      * Quarters are like gold.

      * Flip-flops become as important as soap, and shampoo.

      * Asleep by 2:30 AM is an early night.

      * Make sure your alarm clock has back-up batteries.

      * 10 minutes is more than enough time to get ready for your first class.

      * The book your professor wrote is always required for his class.

      * E-mail becomes your second language.

      * Frat parties are exactly like they are in the movies.

      * Ten-page papers used to sound impossible, now they're a Godsend.

      * You never realized so many people are smarter than you.

      * You never realized so many people are dumber than you.

      * Professors are like celebrities: you see them, but they never see you

      * Plain pasta never constituted a complete meal before.&nb