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BIRE and The Realmadrid Foundation join forces

Three members of our BIRE team, David Paez, Alfonso Bigeriego and Antonio Revilla, spent last weekend in Houston joining

David Paez, Alfonso Bigeriego, Iker Casillas and Antonio Revilla

forces with Iker Casillas, goalkeeper of the Spanish national soccer team. They invited over 100 children from surrounding Houston neighborhoods to a "soccer clinic" kick off for Casillas' Sports and Achievement Academy. The academy, operating as a pilot after-school program for students of Houston's Eliot and Rust elementary schools, will provide underprivileged youth of disadvantaged communities neighboring the BVVA Compass stadium, a place where they can escape the challenges of their communities. The Sports and Achievement Academy, is aimed at improving students' academic performance by providing coaching in key subjects and social support. BIRE is proud to join efforts with The Realmadrid Foundation and BBVA Compass to provide the children of some of Houston's most poverty-stricken neighborhoods with a place to go for support and nurture, thus, opening doors to these children for years to come.

The Realmadrid Foundation, a worldwide initiative with over 200 schools around the world, is partnering up with the International Studies Foundation to bring social-sporting schools to the United States. September 2nd of this year, two schools will open in Worcester, MA and Arlington, VA. Come January 2nd, Houston will house two more schools like The Sports and Achievement Academy.

Here at BIRE, we know the importance of bridging the gap from client to friend and from less empowered to more empowered. The BIRE team excels in fostering relationships with clients in order to provide personalized service of the utmost caliber with any needs one might when moving to a new city. It is this excellence in fostering relationships that has inspired BIRE to unite with The Realmadrid Foundation.

We are honored to have been sought out by one of the world's most recognizable brands, The Realmadrid Foundation, to assist in a project that allows us to give back to the community with the same level of commitment that we provide our clients from across the globe. Together BIRE and The Realmadrid Foundation are building social-sporting schools throughout the US where children of less-fortunate walk of life can form life-long relationships with mentors. Through their engagement in the activities provided, they will cultivate true feelings of empowerment, preparing them with the skill sets and confidence they'll need to achieve whatever their life goals may be.


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