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What to expect this Labor Day weekend

It's that time of the year again when movers, as well as new tenants, flood the streets of Boston in the hopes of smoothly settling in into their new-found homes. Rental listing site RentJuice.com reports that 88.5% of apartments have been leased out in the Metro Boston area, with move in dates scheduled between September 1st until the 3rd. That surely surpasses any one-weekend move in schedule of any city in the United States. What does that mean for us, Bostonians? Congestion. Lots of it.

That's why regardless of whether you're moving in, or just hanging around for Labor Day weekend, we've come up with a forecast of what to expect this long weekend, so as not to dampen your cool.

Unlike last year's move-in weekend, there should be no delays in the arrivals of rentals trucks. To refresh your memory, August 31 and September 1st were preceeded by Tropical Storm Irene, which caused many delays in the move-in process. This year however, skies will be clear all weekend long, so there's no reason to be honking those horns in hurry.

For those moving to- and residing in the Fenway/Kenmore area, rejoice; the Red Sox will be playing out of town, so there should be ample parking spaces and less-crowded streets, unlike last year's, as the Sox played the Yankees the same days leading up to move-in weekend.

With these two events (although they seem to be small ones) being out of the way, move-in weekend should be a bit smoother. However, for those of you who are still wary of this weekend, here are guides to the city's traffic flow, as well as the T's Labor Day schedule.

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