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Your Home, iPad and iPhone style

There are many reasons why this week's debut of Apple Inc.'s newest iteration of its overly popular smartphone, the iPhone 5, comes in a good time. Perhaps there is the need to upgrade your phone, or perhaps there is the want to be technologically-savvy. Either way, a better and more relevant reason is because of the smartphone's capability to do so much more that text, call, and surf the web. One feature in particular, is its ability to completely control your home with a touch or a tap of your favorite iPhone and iPad.

Hyannis-based home automation company Savant Systems is offering just that. Seen, heard, and felt in action at the Savant Experience Center at swanky Broadway street in New York City, the system allows for full automation of one's home with the use of a chosen device. Opened just in July of this year, the Experience Center allows individuals to interact firsthand with the system, guiding you through different rooms that one might have in their own home. Every single piece of electronic device can be hooked up and monitored on the system, controlled securely and solely by your finger tips. From fixtures to fireplace, to TV and temperature, one has complete and full control. It is also designed to integrate with iCloud, so streaming your favorite tunes and movies into the living room is a simple tap away.

The automated system works anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection, and your device is registered. Even more, pricing for Savant's products come in a broad range, so home automation is no longer just for the luxurious, but for the simple yet technologically savvy individual as well. CEO and founder Robert Madonna explains:

"In the past home automation was only for luxury homes because there was a cost barrier ... But with the arrival of the iPad and the iPhone, those costs are getting lower so the average homeowner can now afford to put automation directly into the home for security, lighting control, entertainment. Anyone who can afford to buy an iPhone or an iPad can essentially have a piece of automation in their home."

Take a video tour of Savant's Experience Center here, courtesy of Forbes.

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