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What Are Innovation Units?

Over the past months, much of Boston has been a buzz over Mayor Menino's pronouncement of his initiative to push for innovation units to be built alongside developments within the city. Particularly, his vision is to have the units ready for occupancy with concentration in South Boston as well as the Waterfront district. The aim of his initiative is to prepare affordable and practical living spaces for young professionals that will soon flock to these areas for employment, as commercial properties begin to turnover and development contracts are continuously being signed.

Innovation Units Studio Architecture Design Boston International Real Estate BostonIRE BIREThe concept for these "high-efficiency" apartments are based on NYC-style units that have been optimized to maximize living spaces and accommodate the massive Manhattan population.The most recent development to sign-off on these Manhattan-esque compact units is the Pier 4 project by the Waterfront, standing 21 stories high and will have 373,000 square feet of retail and residential space, and will include  50 smart innovation units.

With this in mind, you're probably asking yourself, "what are innovation units?", and how different are they from existing floor plan configurations currently available in the market?

Size Matters

The Innovation units' floor plans come in a very specific range, starting from 375 square feet, but would not exceed 450, which coincidentally is the city's current minimum for new-construction apartments. In contrast, the average one-family home in the Northeast roughly about 2,600 square feet. Taking into consideration that most of these units are dedicated to yuppies flocking to the district, the size in itself is practical to house a single occupant and a guest at most.

Interiors and Items

The units are also configured to have furnishings that will maximize space, and at the same time still serve multiple purposes. In this case, form and function meet, as the items are tastefully designed to be soothing to the eye, yet pleasing to the user's needs. A professionally-designed pulled out bed will be the main fixture in the floor's layout.

Beyond Cooking and Bathing

For those worried that the unit's bathroom will not be a blissful experience, worry not. A modern stand-up bath will take up a fourth of the unit's space and is planned to have storage facilities as well to hold clothing and peripherals. As for the kitchen, an eat-in counter will take up another fourth of the space, and is designed to provide you with a culinary corner that can doubles up as a computer nook.

Read more about upcoming developments that host these Innovation units from Boston Redevelopment Authority's website.

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