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Parcel No 9 in the North End

There's been some interesting developments in the North End area, specifically with the development of the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway. There's been a push to fill up the remaining parcels of the park, which was once the site of the city's busiest highway (now it's tucked underground as part of the big dig).

The area that the city of Boston has recently been soliciting bids for is known as Parcel 9 - a plot of land 43,139 square feet in size at the corner of the Greenway and Hanover and Blackstone streets. It is zoned out for both residential and retail use.

Earlier this spring, the nonprofit Boston Museum, led by developer Frank Keefe, called for a 100,000-square-foot building designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, with brick on the Blackstone Street side transitioning into glass facing the Greenway. The proposal featured sleek glass designed galleries that would unfold in five categories: growth, people, politics, sports, and innovation.

However, after much deliberation, it seems the current contenders for the prime property are down to two: Normandy Real Estate Partners, and BlackStone Market (a consortium between Cresset Group and DeNormandie Companies).

Normany Real Estate Partners' proposal is to build a 180-room, seven story hotel, with a two-story winter garden will house and include a food market.  On the other hand, the BlackStone Market group is also proposing a seven-story building that would have 50 apartments, a food market, three restaurants, and a New England's biggest urban farm (13,000 square-foot rooftop garden).

Both proposals are being considered by the MassDOT and a decision is expected in two weeks, when the Greenway group, consisting of the Greenway Association, and the MassDOT, meet to announce the winning bid on November 16.


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