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Neighborhoods By Rental Rate

Regardless of whether you're looking for a swanky new apartment, or just a simple living space you can call home, Boston's wide array of neighborhoods offer a lot of elbow room you can choose from. Ranging from locations within the city and out into the metro Boston area, the rental climate in Beantown is one that paints a good picture of where you'll find the most bang for your buck, and also where you can live your urban dream at a cost.

You can say that Boston's neighborhoods are very "segmented" since there are districts that are known for a particular lifestyle. For instance, the South End is known for having residents that have a taste for the gastronomic lifestyle, with all the bakeries and restaurants that surround its streets. Beacon Hill, one of America's oldest neighborhoods, is known for its rich opulence and luxurious living standards. Of course, there are also places that espouse a more independent lifestyle, over the bridge Cambridge being one of them. Allston and Brighton too, shouldn't be forgotten, as much of Boston's student life resides in this all but boring neighborhood.

Here's an updated list and map of neighborhoods that show the most expensive and the most affordable rental apartments in Boston. Our friends at Zillow compiled this list based on October median rental rates. You can also see how much each neighborhood's rate has increased, compared to last year's rental prices.


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