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Making Sure the One Doesn't Get Away

Do you ever pause and think about the one that got away? Maybe it was the charming modern three bed that had everything you wanted, except the huge walk-in closet. Or perhaps you're still smitten with the cute condo that you flirted with for weeks, only to make up your mind one day too late.

In your home search, you must be sure there are no regrets and that your perfect match doesn't wind up in the hands of another buyer. You'll be disappointed if you lose the property of your dreams because you got cold feet.

Let us help you change all of that in twenty thirteen by giving you tips on how you can make sure that property you have your eyes set on will be yours to occupy and enjoy. Don't let yourself be swept away in fear and uncertainty or let others buy you down. Make that aggressive move forward and take the leap to own your own.

Show 'Em The Money

Whether you're paying cash or getting a mortgage, you must be prepared to show what you've got. Proof of funds and pre-approval letters should be given to your agent immediately so that the information is on file and can be submitted with your offer. Remember, getting your financials may take a day or two, and you certainly don't want to miss out on securing a home due to lack of preparation.

Love it or Leave it?

Is it true love or just a fling? Make sure the home fits your wants AND your needs. The upgraded granite countertops and hardwood floors may look great, but can your family of five really live comfortably in only 900 square feet? You'll likely have to compromise on some things, but keep in mind that with houses, just like people, you'll know when it's the "right choice". These properties meet nearly all of your long-term needs, and their flaws are minor irritants rather than deal breakers. No home is perfect, so if all the important features are there, you've got to go for it.

Sign it, Seal it

If you think it's a good catch, so will someone else. Given the low inventory of properties in many markets across the nation - especially here in Boston, your dream home might be as popular as the cheerleader on prom night. This can lead to bidding wars among several buyers.

How will you compete? Know what you want, determine how much you're able to spend and take a page from Cinderella -- find yourself a fairy godmother, only make sure this fairy godmother has a real estate license and the know how to guide you through the purchase process.

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