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Living Large, Spending Small in Boston

With Boston's recent rise to ranks in terms of the number of individuals vying to buy real estate, it's not hard to imagine that a lot of locals, as well as those of you who are relocating, to find a suitable home after your current lease ends. And if you're already on the prowl for your own piece of property, chances are you're also thinking about how to furnish it. Whether you're just recently on the market, or are in the process of closing on an offer - it's always nice to plan ahead for something life-changing.

But what's probably the worst thing about the real estate dynamic is that most likely than not, when you find yourself in a "buying spree", the rest of the market seems to agree and  join in on the trend, stimulating demand season and raising prices. Even though real estate agents and brokers are readily available to help you mitigate that issue and negotiate the transaction so that it goes more for you, there's still the issue of your lifestyle preference once you have your property. And at this point, of course you'd want to celebrate the fact that you're 'ready' for this stage in your life, and so we've come up with recommendations that'll help you live large and get your living space set-upped, all with keeping your spending small.

First, determine whether you're ready to buy. Aside from your own financial spreadsheet, there are numerous reputable tools online that can help you see how buying a property would play out for you. The New York Times has an interactive tool that lets you see whether buying makes sense to you and your finances. Basically, it gives you a breakdown of what you're paying for in rent now versus purchasing your own property. There's even a timeline that'll show you when it will be more practical to buy than rent a place. It's an essential tool that'll aid you in planning out your current and future living arrangements. Real estate online giant Zillow also has a calculator which asks you to input your financial health and tells you what you can afford.

And if you are indeed ready for the big buy, then next on your list of living large are the essentials. You might be just getting a fresh start, but that doesn't necessarily mean discarding all the stuff you've acquired in the past. There are some things though that could easily make a huge difference on your live large agenda. For instance, upgrading that TV and couch set-up is one. The bathroom vanity is also another. Though these things might sound like they're big-ticket items out of your financial reach, there are numerous ways around it. Believe us when we tell you that these three things hugely impacts your living space, giving you that sense of living large. Acquiring them might scare you, but it mainly depends on where you get your stuff.

Check out deals in the city. For furniture picks, locally-based The Foundary does a good job of offering high-end furniture without the high-end price tag. This Arlington furniture friend offers 70% discount on contemporary and sleek pieces. We in Boston actually have an edge, since we can visit their showroom; otherwise feel free to browse their vast online catalog. And since a large part of 'living large' entails socializing, checkout LivingSocial and Groupon for deals on dining spots around your soon-to-be new place. Boston has a great dining scene, and they're not afraid (or too short) to give you a taste of it!

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