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Livening Up Your Space for Spring

With three back-to-back winter weekends, it's not at all hard to imagine why Bostonians are raring for Springtime to hit the city. And with sunnier days fast approaching, everyone's looking forward to new beginnings - especially at home. While completely redoing that old kitchen or adding use to an old room might run you into some serious money, there are also plenty of other smaller projects that can freshen up and transform your space, all without breaking the bank.

Minimalist hanging planter box

Starting small is key, and there's no better way to experience a fresh new room than concentrating your efforts on a singular space. First, think of the room that you best spend your time in when at home. Most often than not, you're probably better off starting with the living room, as this is where most of the lounging happens. You don't necessarily have to go as far as replacing your comfy couch - as long as it's still decent and provides support - but you can certainly add and remove elements in the room to make it livelier. For instance, putting a planter box, faux or for real, gives the room a breathe of fresh air. There are many indoor worry- and mess-free planter boxes that you can get for cheaps online and in-store that would provide the living room with life.

Minimalist hanging planter box

Nooks, though nowhere near imposing, make for nice experiments. If you're really on a tight budget, going for smaller spaces and the details within them might be your best bet. There are a lot of things you could do to give a particular room a do-over without changing much. For audiophiles as well as those who relax while they're bathing, consider installing a shower head that not only cleanses, but also spurts out sound while you're scrubbing! Play your favorite tunes via bluetooth with this shower head sensation.

Minimalist hanging planter box

Spend more of your time in the kitchen? No problem, get a small but significant centerpiece gadget that breaks away from your usual chef duties. Consider a tequila buffet set that not only complements the spring and summer season, but would make for a great entertainment piece as well.

Minimalist hanging planter box

A fresh coat of paint might sound intimidating, but really it isn't. And no matter how small your living space is, an accent wall or two would definitely make your home look brand new. Not sure whether the color would go with your decor? Try sampling it out first on a slab of wood or cardboard box, prop it by your stuff, and see for yourself. If you're the creative type, consider creating a wall chalkboard for your instant ideas! There's an awesome spray paint that converts your wall into a full-fledged chalkboard without having to tear out your drywall or install anything else. And if you're tired of jotting down on your wall, simply clean up with a wet rag and you've got your old wall back!

For long-time homeowners, you've probably collected many items and home decor over the years, and it's probably a good idea to start organizing and tagging them so that come spring or summer, you'll be ready to host a yard sale of some sort. While you're at it, revisit those things in storage and figure out if it's either time to bring them back out or completely sell them off. Some pieces may take on new life with a coat of paint or fresh upholstery, or simply by being moved to a different room than the one they're meant for. Either way, you're freeing up some space (potentially for another use ) and getting a couple of green bucks out of it.

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