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It's that time of year when families consider moving to get their children into a good school district. Folks over at realtor.com recently conducted a back-to-school survey to see how much weight schools have in the home-buying decision. The results show that school-district boundaries do impact the buying decision for more than 60 percent of home buyers.

Additionally, it was found that home buyers are willing to pay more and give up certain features for a home located in their district of choice. These buyers are especially willing to give up access to shopping and nearby parks and trails, among other amenities, to reside within the school-district boundaries of their choice. And as we all know, Boston is a big college town, where both individuals as well as families relocate to in order to attend some of the nation's best educational institutions. For locals, moving to areas such as Brookline is a great option, since the school system is regarded as one of the best in the country.

To give you a more in depth look into how home buyers weigh in school systems into their next home purchase, those surveyed said that school-district boundaries will have an impact on their buying decision. In particular, almost 24% said they would pay up to 5% above their budget to move to a neighborhood that has an excellent and "well known" institution. However, majority, or 40% said that schools are accessible enough in Boston that there is no need to elevate their current budget. That's how much schools and universities there are in the city that one can easily reach it either by car or by public transport.

For home buyers who said that school-district boundaries will have an impact on their decision, the majority rated the boundaries as an "important" consideration.In fact, 90% said school-district boundaries are "important" or "secondary" to their search. And with young millennials who are likely to start a family of their own, schools are a necessity if only to prepare for family life with children in the coming years ahead.

In general, a new house can mean more space, great neighborhoods and good schools. We've outlined five tips to find your dream home near the right school either for you or for your family and kids:

  1. Know your family's needs. Is your family growing? Is square footage the most important factor, or a large backyard? Make a list of exactly what you need in your family's new home. Though Boston is notorious for being congested, there are neighborhoods and suburbs that make great for a large home, complete with huge yard. Know these areas before you even start your search and narrow them down according to your need.
  2. Search for homes by the best schools by consulting with us. We've placed hundreds of students - both foreign and local, to be at walking distance from their schools. We pride ourselves with knowing the ins and outs of Boston, and even discovering neighborhoods for you that are outside of your shortlist but still serve their purpose.
  3. Review school information. Boston is a college town. There are a total of 53 higher education institutions in the city, including 7 junior colleges, 14 colleges, 8 research universities, and 24 specially-focused institutions. This list does not count the public schools systems in the city, 3 of which are amongst the best in the country. Do your research on the school, and we'll handle the rest.
  4. Look for parks and play areas. Of course with hard school work comes hard play. Take a look at neighborhoods that offer both school and sanctuary. Also look for other things that matter to you, like how far away it is from a baseball field, etc. Draw your own search boundary, if a specific area really matters to you - we're sure to find you your own piece of property in that locale.
  5. Make a list of questions. When you're ready to tour the homes we've recommended, be prepared with the questions that will help you make the best investment. Ask about things that matter specifically to you and your family but also what matters for the home's future value. We will be able to guide you to find the right home, in the right location, near the right school.

Still stuck on your home search? Contact us now to schedule a free consultation! Call us at (617) 505-1781 or email us at info@bostonire.com

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