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Do You Honestly Need A Rental Broker?

BOS stormy 2It's a given that finding the right apartment takes a lot of time and effort. In competitive markets like Boston's, it can be well worth the extra fee to work with a rental broker, who will help you navigate the ins and outs of the rental landscape. Sometimes that fee is even waived, depending on what your property search parameters are. While it's not necessary to work with a broker to land an apartment, it can certainly make house hunting easier in cities that are congested with renters.

If you're short on time, searching in a tight market or just don't want to do the grunt work of sifting through listings, a broker or an agent might just be the way to go. In our opinion, there are only three reasons why you should even consider getting help from a professional broker - time, distance, and insight. We discuss all three at length below:

You're long-distance apartment hunting.

The most stressful thing about long-distance apartment hunting is not being able to attend a showing in person. Other worries might include finding a place in a safe neighborhood, or one with an easy commute. If you're searching for a rental from afar, a broker will serve as a knowledgeable resource that can do most of the heavy lifting in your rental search.

In our experience, we meet with clients via video conference through Skype or FaceTime first so they ask about our local knowledge and what we can do for them, even before we start the search process. What follows afterward is an exchange of emails, and even more video calls to present to clients the best possible properties we've located for them. We also try as much to arrange video tours with clients, especially those who are abroad and unfamiliar with the look, feel, and amenities of homes in the US.

You don't have time.

Tired of looking for listings, attending showings and going through application process after application process? In a competitive rental market, finding an apartment takes time and dedication. If you have a busy schedule and apartment hunting seems like a huge time drain, a broker will cut the work you need to do and help negotiate the terms of your lease. Another perk is that instead of waiting in line with the other renters at an apartment showing, a broker can get the keys and show you the unit privately.

In Boston, brokers generally share in the property search of one client, especially if you get a good broker who's well-connected with other offices.. There's a level of legitimacy you get when you have a broker - you are, so to speak, given the keys to whatever listing you'd like. The great thing is that it's applicable to all, even for under- and recent grads who usually have a harder time looking for a rental due to their lack of legitimate credit reference.  Some landlords have even become more wary of individuals seeking space on their own, and most of the time, familiarity between the landlord and the broker is all it takes to get the deal going. That's how far trust goes in the city.

Boston-neighborhoods-framedYou want local insight.

A licensed broker knows the ins and outs of the market, has access to listings, is familiar with state and federal laws and has a network of connections in the industry. They have strategies and insights that can speed up your search. An experienced broker is familiar with rental property value in specific neighborhoods, and can use that knowledge to help you negotiate cost or length of a lease.

Many apartment buildings will also work exclusively with brokers to fill their vacancies. Not all landlords publish their listings online, so working with a broker can give you access to more inventory. Apartments that aren't advertised to the public see less competition and raise your negotiating power. Be clear about your budget and rental requirements and let the professionals do the work.

Let us find you a place. Call us now at (617) 505-1781or via email info@bostonire.com now!

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