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What You Can Buy In Back Bay For 600K Right Now

We all know that the market is red hot right now. In fact, TIME Magazine recently named Boston as one of the Top 12 Cities in the Country where real estate is at an all-time high. More specifically Boston - at this moment, sells properties at an average of only 47 Days - close to half of the national average of 86 days!

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, two things: inventories will continue to fall, and home prices will continue to rise - that's at least until new properties are delivered.

Until that time, you might want to consider riding the wave, or risk getting lost in it. And so, here's a sample scenario: you're on the prowl for a property in Back Bay, Boston. You can afford $600k easy and without breaking the bank. What exactly will that fetch you? Here are six properties that might peak your interest, sorted from lowest to highest:

Contact us now to schedule showings of these properties before they're gone! Call (617) 505-1781 or email info@bostonire.com

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