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Catching What's Likely The Best Month To Sell Condos

Courtesy of batesrealestatereport.com

If you've been following real estate news, you know that Boston's recently been in the buzz for its hot property market. Traditionally - both locally and nationally, spring, summer, and fall months have been the peak for the exchange of real estate be it in the form of a lease or deed. In other words, sales and rentals are especially extra hot during the "dry months". Why? Well, it's when most people do a lot of relocation, as well as gives the opportunity for buyers out there to peruse properties on the market while it's still ideal to do so. But is that still the case? It looks somewhat otherwise.

Last year, Boston saw more condos fly off its inventory in July than in August, September, October, November, and December. This translated to about 9 percent of all the condo sales in Boston in 2013, making it the highest selling month for the year, tied with March. And if you are to dig deeper into the following months' sale, you'll be down right surprised since it's all downhill from July.

Although that doesn't mean that sales don't happen during these months, it mostly comes in trickles from here and there - and mostly in central locations like Back Bay and Chinatown. In fact, the only months that were better than July, were not surprisingly, April, May and June, which respectively accounted for 12, 15 and 10 percent of all 2013 condo sales.

So, if you're thinking about selling your home, it's better to do it now than wait for the supposed "prime" summer months. Even just listing the property prior to August 1 will produce wonders, as you can still make the argument that it's been on the market during the height of price points and real estate exchange.

Lastly and for your reference, here are hand-picked listings that have open houses this coming weekend for you to get a sense of how much your property can list for:

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