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A Guide to Picking out the Perfect Christmas Tree in the Boston Area

Whether you want to cut your own tree or purchase a precut tree, BIRE has your covered. The following is list of places to find the perfect holiday decorations and Christmas trees. Cutting your own Christmas at a local farm offers a family activity that can become a tradition spanning decades.


Places to Cut-your-own Christmas Trees

1.     Smolak Farms

315 S Bradford St
North Andover, MA 01845
Phone: (978) 682-6332

Website: http://www.smolakfarms.com/trees

Hours: 8:30AM-4:00PM


Although Smolak Farms is about a 45 minute drive out of Boston, it is definitely worth the trip. They offer a program called Choose N' Cut, where all size trees are priced at $69. Smolak Farms recommends that you come early to cut your own tree, as they tend to sell out each season.  That's a pretty good deal. You can also purchase a Pre-cut tree. They have a large selection of freshly harvested firs to choose from with prices starting at $48 and go up to $140, depending on the size that you are looking for.


2.     Maple Crest Farm

102 Moulton Street
West Newbury, MA.
Phone: (508) 641-5955

Website: http://www.maplecrestfarm.biz/index.html

Hours: 9AM-4PM Friday- Sunday: November 27, 28, 29th & Saturday and Sunday: Dec 5-6th & December 12-13th and by appointment

Maple Crest Farm is a 45 minute drive out of Boston, but with the beautiful coastal scenery, it is well worth the drive. The farm offers a fun family experience complete with complimentary wagon rides, hot chocolate, and marshmallow toasting. They also provide complimentary saws and twine and will bale your tree. Maple Crest prices their trees at $60 apiece and only accepts cash or local check.

Places to Buy Pre-Cut Christmas Trees

3.     Boston Christmas Trees

22 Harvard Ave

Allston, MA.  

(Across from Model Hardware and The Draft)

Phone: (617) 510-0866

Website: http://bostonchristmastrees.com/

Hours: 8:00AM - 10:00PM, seven days a week, from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Boston Christmas Trees is a great and convenient place to find the perfect Christmas tree, and they have ample free parking, which is a luxury in Boston. This is a one stop shop where you can purchase everything from Wreaths: Plain and Decorated, four sizes and types of Christmas tree stands Garland, Mistletoe, Mantel Pieces & Table Baskets. They offer Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir Trees: From 3? to 12? ranging from$10 to $125.

4.     Allandale Farm

259 Allandale Road

Brookline, MA 02467

Phone: (617) 524-1531

Website: http://www.allandalefarm.com/home.html
Hours: Weekdays 9am-7pm, Weekends 9am-6pm. Closed for the season December 32rd

Allandale Farm has a variety of fresh cut balsam and Fraser fir trees are arriving weekly from Nova Scotia and North Carolina. They also have a great selection of wreaths, garland, winterberry, holiday plants, and evergreen centerpieces.


5.     Beverly Tree Farm

300 Dodge Street

Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: (978) 810-4178

Website:  www.beverlytreefarm.com/

Hours: 9AM-3PM November 27th,28th, 29th & December 5th, 6th or While Supplies Last



What type of tree do I choose?

At this point your probably asking yourself, what is the difference between all of these trees and which one should I choose?! Well no need to worry, here are descriptions of the trees types mentioned in the guide above to help you understand what you're searching for.

Balsam- A very traditional tree, the Balsam has short, flat, dark green needles that won't fall off the branch right after you get it.

Blue Spruce- A unique coloring, the blue spruce can range from dark green all the way to powdery blue. The stiff branches on the spruce are great for heavier ornaments.

Canaan Fir- Though a less common variety, the Canaan Fir is very similar to Fraser Fir and Balsam varieties. The medium-strong branches and deep green color make for a traditional Christmas feel.

Douglas Fir- A full-bodied pyramid shape, the Douglas Fir lasts a long time when cut and has anywhere from blue to dark green needles. These needles, when crushed, emit some of the best Christmas tree scents of any variety.

Fraser Fir- With a deliciously pine-y scent and bicolor needles (green on top and silvery white on the bottom), this tree is the epitome of holiday spirit. The space between branches is also great for ornament placing.

Tips on Selecting your Pre-Cut Tree:

·       Measure your space

o   Be sure you know what size (height and width) you need before heading to the retail lot. Measure the ceiling height in the room where the tree will be displayed. The trees in the field look small when the sky is the ceiling. Don't overbuy. Measure the width of the area of the room where the tree will be displayed. Most trees on tree farms are trimmed to an 80% taper. So a tree that's 10' tall will be 8' wide at the bottom. A tree that will fit in the room vertically may be entirely too big horizontally.

  • Do a branch/needle test for freshness
    • Run a branch through your enclosed hand - the needles should not come off easily. Bend the outer branches - they should be pliable. If they are brittle and snap easily, the tree is too dry.


  • Look for other indicators of dryness or deterioration
Indicators might include: excessive needle loss, discolored foliage, musty odor, needle pliability, and wrinkled bark. A good rule-of-thumb is, when in doubt about the freshness of a tree, select another one. If none of the trees on the lot look fresh, go to another lot.
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